Q. How do I know if a car is still under a manufacturer's warranty?
A. The life of a warranty is based on either the age or the mileage of the car. Ion's qualified staff will show you how much time (or mileage) is remaining on the warranty you purchase.

Q. How much do extended warranties cost?
A. This depends on several factors, including the age of the vehicle and the mileage.

Q. Why buy from an independent dealer?
A. Large dealerships associated with the auto manufacturer also have large overhead. They pay top dollar for advertising, leasing space, and other costs. Those increased costs of doing business are simply passed on to the customer in the form of higher car prices. In addition, a larger dealer will not provide you with the individualized service you will find at a qualified independent dealership.

Q. Should I buy a car from a dealer that does not service or repair vehicles?
A. Of course, that is a customer's choice. However, most customers find it more convenient to bring their car to a garage that is located near their place of residence. Also, remember all our cars come with the remainder of the manufacturer's warranty - so customers are free to bring their car for repairs to any authorized service shop.

Q. How is the sales tax calculate if I purse a car in Oakland?
A. Sales tax is calculated on the county of registration, not the county of purchase. For example, if you register your car in Sausalito in Marin county, you will currently pay 8.75% sales tax on the vehicle even though the sales tax rate in Oakland (Alameda County) is 9.25%.

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