Yelp Reveiw 101

Yung C.
used car oakland 11/14/2014

After researching for a car which I sorely was looking for, I came across Ion Cars in Oakland. They were offering a great deal on a 2013 Camry, the best I had seen in the east bay. I went that weekend to meet Salem, and the rest is history. Salem was super helpful, professional, and courteous along the whole process. This is now 2 months later and the car is working great, no issues whatsoever. Even when we realized something was amiss (missing floor mats), Salem was so kind as to purchase the missing floor mats and provided them to me after the sale was finalized. The guy is a class act!

I would highly recommend taking a look into Ion Cars if you are in the search for a new vehicle, as it has proved useful for myself.


Yelp Review 100

Olivia S.

Olivia S.

Oakland, CA

new car sales san francisco11/12/2014

I looked up Ion Cars (and other dealerships) online when looking for a new or used car. I read all of the 5-star reviews on Yelp, so I had high expectations, but "it's a car dealership," so I was still prepared to be put through the paces of sales psychology. But that never happened. Instead, it was an enjoyable, customer-focused experience from start to finish.

When the technology becomes available, I hope we can clone Salem, the owner of Ion Cars. He is awesome. I shopped around for a gently used Prius for weeks. I did my research, talked to friends, learned the Blue Book and Edmond's values, looked up the TCO of new vs. used vs. other makes and models, and I learned about interest rates and loan timelines of used cars (as well as new cars).
I researched and compared cars online, visited multiple dealerships, took test drives and met with multiple sales people. Ion was hands-down the dealership that had the best price for the most well maintained used car with low miles, and Salem is a great guy. Ion is his business and his reputation, and he takes great pride in his service.

I absolutely recommend getting down to Ion and, if he has what you're looking for, consider buying your car from him. Seriously, all high-dollar sales transactions should be that honest, easy, and stress free. *And* Salem stayed late and made multiple calls to banks in order to get me the best rate... all with no pressure, a positive and professional manner and a down-to-Earth sense of humor. Thank you, Salem & Ion. Five stars. HIGHLY recommended.

PS: I couldn't figure out my bluetooth connection and I had warranty detail questions, and Salem was great even after the purchase. Excellent support, even after the sale.


Yelp Review 99

Jen C.

Jen C.

East Bay

cars under 5K10/23/2014

Short version:
ION cars:5+ stars for being true to their slogan, being a clean & well-maintained establishment that is easily accessible, taking care of the cars they buy & sell, having a variety of cars on hand, and not being a slimy used car dealership.
Salem:5+ stars for being a salesman with integrity, honesty, humility, enthusiasm, knowledge, pride in what he does, ability to keep it real, for being a fantastic representative for the company, and for not being a slimy used car sales person. Someone give this man a raise!

Long version (though you don't need it, just go there & you'll not be unhappy):
This past June, we were informed that the work that was needed on our previous car was going to cost us at least it's worth.Sadness & woe. I hate used car dealerships (the stereotype usually fits), but had had my eyeball on ION for a couple of years, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to call them to see what they had to say. I spoke to Salem,asked if there was anything he could do for us.I was first taken aback by his enthusiasm, his openness to the possibility that we could work something out. Is this guy for real? Well, he was.We met him the following weekend, worked out a fair price for the Subaru, and left with a Mazda Protege. He was not secretive about all of the work that ION had had done on the Mazda after he bought it.He allowed my husband & I to take it for a long test drive. He also found someone to help us finance it, on a Saturday, as we truly had no money to buy it outright.They had put a lot of money into this car, replacing the engine with a newer one (w/60k on it), to name just one, and it was a powerful drive.This is what we were looking for. Never once did we feel pressured to purchase.The whole selling/buying process was quick and easy with Salem, and we drove our new used car away happily.Salem asked that we call him to let him know how everything was going, once we had the car a while.

Fast forward 6 weeks or so, and I had been noticing white smoke coming from the muffler when starting the engine.Because we didn't purchase a warranty, I felt awkward calling Salem to inform him, so I took it to a mechanic I trust in Lafayette.He diagnosed the problem. It was a very expensive problem having to do with the engine.I contacted Salem to let him know about it at this point, b/c this engine was recently replaced. He was apologetic, and insisted we bring it in so he could take care of it for us.This he did not have to do, and we were impressed with his honest reaction and his desire to make it all right. Long story short, the company who he purchased the engine from had not tested it the way they say they did (he is no longer buying parts from them).He ended up replacing that engine with a still younger one, also replacing the water pump, AND loaned us one of their used cars (at no charge) to hold us over for the 3 week duration we were without our Mazda! Where did this guy come from? Where did ION cars come from? Have I mentioned that all of this was done at NO CHARGE to us. When we got our car back, it ran even better & with more power then it did when we bought it, and we were beyond pleased!This is unheard of in the used car world, and we were overcome with gratitude for the lengths that Salem went to make this car & this whole transaction one that was full of integrity and candor. He really is top-notch, and we sadly lack the words to fully express our gratitude to him. 



Yelp Review 98

Robin L.

  • Robin L.
  • Emeryville, CA
yelp car dealer san francsico10/22/2014

In the last 12 months, I purchased two vehicles.A year later customer service still rocks, no warranty required.I hope to purchase a car for me in 2015.Support small business, this is a great place to buy a car.


Yelp Review 97

Robin L.

  • Robin L
  • Emeryville

best yelp car dealer san francisco1/14/2014

This is my second ever Yelp review. My first was also for Ion Cars.I bought the first car in October and because the service was so open and honest when I wanted to purchase a car for my college student, I did not hesitate to return to Ion cars. Salem met with my son, they discussed what he wanted in a car and discussed safety first as well as ensuring it looked good. I believe that I got a fair price and my son is thrilled.When I had a question, Salem kept his word about continuing to offer great customer service even though the deal had finalized a few weeks earlier. I appreciate the integrity and commitment. My hope is to buy a car in 2015 and I will then be a three peat customer. Thank you Salem!


Yelp Review 96

Eric H.

Eric H.

Oakland, CA

Volvo dealer9/28/2014

Best salesperson I've ever encounter. Called him because I wanted to sell my car. When I got there Salem looked at my car, he was very professional about everything. He gave me a very good deal for my Kia Rio 2013. I wish I knew about his shop before I got my rio because he has few very cute Mini Cooper (:


Yelp Review 95

Lauren M.

Lauren M.

San Francisco, CA

Scion dealer7/24/2014

First time car buyer, read Ion's raving reviews on Yelp before going, and wasn't quite sure what to make of it. I mean, come on, a used car dealership with 5 stars..? Well, they're all right. Salem is a great guy. He was very patient, easy going, helpful, and didn't try any sleazy-used-car-sales-tricks. Had a very pleasant experience!


Yelp Review 94

Nam K.

Nam K.

San Francisco, CA

MINI Cooper SF6/12/2014

I just moved to the city and was looking to sell my car. Salem offered me a reasonable price for it unlike dealerships that were looking to take advantage of me on every step of the process. I also had some issues with my bank (damn Chase), but Salem helped me resolve them. Salem also made it very convenient for me by coming close to wherever I happened to be.

Initially, I was very skeptical of this place and thought all these reviews are fake reviews. I no longer think that. Now, I know why Ion Cars has such good ratings here. Salem is very patient, honest, and caring. I would definitely do business with him again.


Yelp Review 93

Rachel S.

Rachel S.

Oakland, CA

where to go in sf to buy a car6/8/2014

I just bought my first car from Ion Cars, and couldn't be happier with the whole experience. I am in love with the car I chose, a Mazada2 and Salem, the owner, was very honest and straight forward with me. He listened to what I was looking for, and spent a few hours with me talking about the cars he had and test driving the ones that seemed like a good fit. I would highly recommend Ion Cars to anyone looking for a great used car. Salem made me feel like I was buying a car from a close friend who had my best interests in mind. Plain and simple, if you are looking for a car in the bay area, you start at Ion cars.


Yelp Review 92

Rachel S.

Rachel S.

Oakland, CA

BMW dealer SF6/8/2014

I just bought my first car from Ion Cars, and couldn't be happier with the whole experience. I am in love with the car I chose, a Mazada2 and Salem, the owner, was very honest and straight forward with me. He listened to what I was looking for, and spent a few hours with me talking about the cars he had and test driving the ones that seemed like a good fit. I would highly recommend Ion Cars to anyone looking for a great used car. Salem made me feel like I was buying a car from a close friend who had my best interests in mind. Plain and simple, if you are looking for a car in the bay area, you start at Ion cars.


Yelp Review 91

Cassie Y.

Cassie Y.

Oakland, CA

Porsche Boxster5/31/2014

Just bought a Toyota Rav4 and couldn't be happier! This place is awesome. They give you the time to think about your purchase and never hassled us or made us feel pressured. The process was quick and painless. We has a car within and hour and a half. I would highly recommend this place to my family and friends!


Yelp Review 90

Johnny P.

Johnny P.

Sonora, CA

subaru outback 5/22/2014

Just bought a truck from ion cars. Truck was in great condition and very clean. Salem helped out very much not with only the information and record if the truck , but when I was leaving my car that I drove down there didn't want to start. He rolled up his sleeved and helped me getting it back going. I doubt any other salesman would ever do that. He loaned me tools and helped me take parts off and put it back together. Best experience I've had buying a vehicle. Thanks Salem.


Yelp Review 89

Adrian E.

Adrian E.

Oakley, CA

toyota honda dealer 5/6/2014

Found Ion Cars on Craigslist looking for a dealership that does trades. Just picked up an IS300 from Salem and his crew. I took a long shot over the weekend in attempting a trade and working something with my bank. I emailed Salem Friday night about the car I was curious in. I had already knew it was past business hours and I got a reply 1st thing in the morning. I called him and said, I was interested in the car but I was tied up at the moment, but I would be down in the area in a few hours. I showed up and was greeted by the man himself (Salem). Told him my situation about needing something a bit bigger and I knew from previous experiences the IS300 would be my best bet. Worked out some numbers to my liking and did the test drive. Salem worked with my bank (NavyFed) for everything I needed. It's not as easy as walking down to a Wells Fargo and taking care of everything there. Judging by looking around at the other cars on the lot and the car I bought, His business has some fine quality cars! I have no problem in recommending Salem to anyone looking to buy/trade a car. Salem is a real down to earth guy and honest person. I do expect to see him in the future.
Thanks for the new ride!


Yelp Review 88

Stevie P.

Stevie P.

Oakland, CA

best car dealer sf5/5/2014

My fianc and I found Ion Cars on yelp and decided to check it out because the reviews were so good. Well thank goodness we did! We had such a positive experience from start to finish. Salem clearly cares about his customers, not just about selling cars. He was incredibly patient when helping us explore financing options. He also took the time to really educate us about loans and credit and all that goes along with buying a car which was incredibly helpful for first time car buyers like ourselves. In the end, we were able to trade in our old car and drive away in a new one for a seriously outstanding price!


Yelp Review 87

Derek T.

Derek T.

Los Alto, CA

cheap cars 4/26/2014

Everyone should come here to buy a car. Ion Cars is definitely worth of a 5 star rating on Yelp. Salem was wonderful to work with and truly values his customers. Not only does he have a great inventory of quality cars, but also he has them priced at below market value. One would think that with these low prices, there's an issue with the cars, but it's absolutely not the case. Salem is very forthcoming with the car histories and will truly do his best to assist anyone. Again, if you are in the market for a quality car, Ion Cars is the first place I'd look. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found a car dealership that is professional and honest.


Yelp Review 86

Ann W.

Ann W.

San Francisco, CA

best car prices4/19/2014

I was preparing for an international move and needed to sell my car. I'd imagined a "nosebleed" trying to do this. Wow! Salem made it all seem easy. He was very quick to respond to my request to take a look at our cars. Then he was on time and very professional. He wrote me a check and took the vehicle away within 2 hours. What a relief! Thank you, Salem for offering a first class, professional experience and a fair price. What a wonderful resource your are for the Bay Area.


Yelp Review 85

Umut D.

Umut D.

Pleasanton, CA

sell my car in sf4/12/2014

ION Cars was my last stop !!! I have been looking for my second car for a long time and visited most of the dealerships in Bay area as I had many issues with my first car and didn't want to do the same mistakes. Literally starting from south bay to North Bay area had a chance to visit all of these "big" dealerships. As you all probably also experienced or you are still experiencing all these "big" dealerships have many sales guys assisting/welcoming the customers by giving empty promises and taking your time for nothing.In most cases after spending min. 1 hour with these guys you end up with sales manager which you actually didn't even spent a minute while you are looking for car and he basically tells you the final price without even listening you as these sales guys act like bridge between you and the sales manager. Seriously that is so funny!!!! They usually don't even care what you are asking because they are "big" and your small money does not make any difference for them.

So what I experienced today was something completely different and I thought this is worth to share in yelp!!! Can't comment about my new car's performance as this is the first day that I have it ( but did a good job so far as I had to drive 200 miles on first day) but I would like to take the opportunity to thank to Salem, ION Cars as he guided us with patience for almost 3 hours, he was in charge so didn't need to talk to many people to get the deal done and he definitely did his best in this deal to make us happy too. He even gave last minute discount for the parking ticket that I got because of parking where actually I shouldn't :) So I would definitely advise you to see this place and meet with Salem before you make your final decision!!!Once again thanks to the Salem and ION Cars for being truthful and providing great customer satisfaction !!!


Yelp Review 84

Anna K.

Anna K.

San Francisco, CA

buy cars for les in Oakland4/7/2014

Just bought my second car from Salem yesterday and couldn't be happier.After having such a positive experience the first time I knew Salem would be the only one I'd buy cars from again. He made everything painless and I had complete trust that I was getting the best deal possible.I traded my car in to Salem for a great price, he handled all of the paperwork, and it really couldn't have been easier! He answered all of my questions and concerns and I never felt pressured. I have sent several of my friends to Ion Cars to buy a car as well as sell and they have all had the best experience. Salem truly is the best.


Yelp Review 83

Alfredo M.

Alfredo M.

San Leandro, CA

cars for less in sf3/18/2014

I was referred to Salem of Ion Cars through a friend of mine because he have nothing but positive things to say about his buying experience here and with Salem.

I decided to drop by today to see if I could work something out with Salem. And I'm glad that I did.I was trading in my vehicle because I needed something more fuel efficient.Salem was very honest with me on why my car is worth the value he was offering me, I thought his offer was reasonable and the car I was looking to buy was also reasonably priced and it was the color and model I wanted for a while.After we both agreed, we proceeded with all of the paper work and he even went out of his way to get me the lowest interest rate possible. Everything went smooth and was in and out within an hour or so.

If you think this is like any other car dealership with tricky sales tactics, you are wrong. I don't know what it is but you just feel comfortable here from the moment you walk in.Check them out before going anywhere else, there's really nothing to lose.


Yelp Review 82

Adam K.

Adam K.

San Francisco, CA

best car prices in san francisco3/12/2014

There's a reason Ion Cars has such a phenomenal rating on Yelp. Salem and his team are the best at what they do, and working with them makes you feel like family. Salem helped guide me through the process of selling my used car, and made sure I got the maximum value in return.

He truly understands the value of customer service, and it shows. It's a relief to connect with a dealer who is honest and open. When it comes time to get my next car, it's nice to be able to call on someone you can trust.


Yelp Review 81

Jeff B.

Jeff B.

San Francisco, CA

sell my car strategies2/11/2014

Fantastic guy, Salem. He's is definitely someone I will look to when the time comes for me to buy a car, or sell again.

Two weeks ago, I asked Salem to sell my Honda SUV. He took it, detailed it, snapped some photos and posted them on his web-site, and sold it for TOP DOLLARS in one day, after 3 interested parties. Way to go, Salem!!!! Salem is your Go-To-Guy, if you're buying or selling a car. AWSOME!!!

Jeff San Francisco


Yelp Reveiw 80

Dawn P.

Dawn P.

Oakland, CA

lowest prius prices bay area2/1/2014

You know all those things you hate about buying a used car from a dealer? NONE of them apply at Ion Cars. Salem exceeded my expectations several times over. The pricing was more than fair, the negotiation was honest and easy, my car is in excellent shape and it runs like a top (2010 Mazda 3).

I had to pick up the car the day after I bought it, and without my asking, he had touched up a small scrape on the body and replaced the battery in one of the remote entry keys. My financing situation was a little complicated, and he had great ideas on how to make it work, patiently talked me through them, and stayed for with me for 2 hours after closing to finish everything up.

Although the car had a clean CARFAX and he had had it checked out by a mechanic, I wanted to make sure by having another mechanic take a look. My schedule was really busy on the day I was to pick up the car, and Salem actually offered to take the car in to a mechanic of my choice to get it checked out.

I would highly recommend Ion Cars to anyone.


Yelp Review 79

Kim B.

Kim B.

Alameda, CA

how to sell my car1/21/201

It was such a relief to walk into Ion and work w/Salem after going to the shmoozy big car dealers. You know how it is, you put on your game face, figure out which one of you and your partner will be the skeptical one to try to bring the price down, inspect every inch of the car to make sure you are not getting scammed...ugghhh!

Didn't have to do any of that at Ion. I will buy from Salem again and again, not because we got a fair deal on a car in great shape (which we totally did), but because Salem is a super nice guy. That made the whole experience more enjoyable- dealing with a real person who cares about you getting what you are looking for. He was super patient as we were very particular and wanted to test drive the car overnight to make sure it was cumfy for us. In fact, I think Salem under pitches his cars, that's how laid back he is! If you are looking for a no BS experience and want to walk out w/a smile on your face- give Ion a shot.


Yelp Review 78

Robin L.

Robin L.

Emeryville, CA

Bay area used car dealer1/14/2014

This is my second ever Yelp review. My first was also for Ion Cars. I bought the first car in October and because the service was so open and honest when I wanted to purchase a car for my college student, I did not hesitate to return to Ion cars. Salem met with my son, they discussed what he wanted in a car and discussed safety first as well as ensuring it looked good. I believe that I got a fair price and my son is thrilled. When I had a question, Salem kept his word about continuing to offer great customer service even though the deal had finalized a few weeks earlier. I appreciate the integrity and commitment. My hope is to buy a car in 2015 and I will then be a three peat customer. Thank you Salem!


Yelp Reveiw 77

Zoe C.

Zoe C.

Alameda, CA

sell my car in sf1/10/2014

Best used car salesman ever! Salem was professional, efficient, honest, patient and above all respectful of my needs. He made the entire process go painlessly. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He also bought my used car at a fair price.


Yelp Review 76

Haylie R.

Haylie R.

San Francisco, CA

Honda, Toyota and Mazda dealer bay area1/3/2014

We all feel skeptical and annoyed with car salesmen and dealerships right? No need to feel that way with Salem at Ion cars--he's by far the best! Honest, knowledgeable, and passionate about what he does. He's here to help get you a great deal on an awesome car. I will always go back to Ion cars and recommend him to anyone looking for a car. Thank you Salem!!


Yelp Review 75

alex s.

alex s.

San Francisco, CA

How to sell my car 11/24/2013

The SWEET SPOT. I am a first time car buyer. VERY new to the whole experience, but Salem was patient and thorough in explaining everything to me.
I was very picky about what I wanted, and without hesitation he efficiently found me exactly what I was looking for. He had no qualms about rushing down to the auction in So Cal to snatch up my ride!
I would start with Salem and Ion Cars when you start thinking about buying a new or pre owned car.


Yelp Review 74

Robin L.

Robin L.

Emeryville, CA

car swap ion cars11/9/2013
I have never written a yelp review but feel compelled to based on the service that I received from Salem. My view of car sales people has been changed. I was looking to buy a very used car as budget was first priority. He listened and showed me what was available never once suggesting that I spend more than I said I could afford. He encouraged me to take a test drive, I took two over three days, and drove all around town and on the freeway. Salem was professional and most importantly kept his word in a profession where I have not experienced that before. My goal is to purchase another car in a month or so for my son and I know that I will purchase that car from Salem as well. I work across the street from Ion Cars and see how others look when they leave Ion Cars and smiles are abundant. Salem is flexible, responsive and not pushy. He made a stressful situation enjoyable and for that I am appreciative which is why I felt compelled to write my first yelp review.

Yelp Review 73

Rachel W.

Rachel W.

Union City, CA

How to sell my car in SF11/11/2013

My husband and I love Salem at Ion cars! No pressure whatsoever, and amazing prices on his cars. We got a great deal on our 2012 ford focus; it was exactly what we were looking for! He had so many other great cars that it was difficult to make a decision, and we spent a few hours with him test driving three cars and going back and forth. He was super patient and just an all around great guy. Thank you Salem, we will refer everyone we know that needs a new used car to you!!!

Our new 2012 Ford Focus SEL from Ion cars

Our new 2012 Ford Focus SEL from Ion cars


Yelp Review 72

Ellamommy N.

Ellamommy N.

Oakland, CA

Mazda3 hatchback10/27/2013

Salem was very helpful and honest through out the entire car buying process. I was shopping for a used Prius and he had 3 in stock.

Initially I was a little skeptical because I had found his shop thru an ad on craigslist.The price listed seemed too good to be true, but I stopped by to check it out anyways. I was blown away by the condition of the car, it was a 2010 model but it looked brand new.

Then he told me he had a 2011 model as well with less miles, and it only cost a little bit more. I liked that one even more because it was the color I wanted.He had just got it in recently so he didn't even get a chance to list it on his website or craigslist yet.

I was a little concerned because it looked like the rear bumper had been repainted, but the carfax shows no accident in the history.It was actually Salem who pointed out a slight chip in the paint on the bumper, he also explained the bumper might have been repainted but it is not too uncommon to repaint bumpers due to minor parking accidents, etc...

When we went in his office to talk money, there was not a lot of negotiating.I think he prices his cars low enough where the customer would have little concern with paying the sticker price.I tried anyway, but he did not budge.However, he said he noticed he priced the car lower than he should have by accident, but he would honor the price since I was already there.

In the end, I walked out of there with a 2011 Prius with 18k miles and paid below blue book. Only thing I would complain about is that Salem only got had one key so I have to buy a second set elsewhere.


Yelp Review 71

Linda H.

Linda H.

Berkeley, CA

buy hybrids cheap10/24/2013

Just bought a Audi A3 from Salem at Ion. Very happy with the car and with the service I got from Ion. Professional, kowledgeable and the price was a lot less than traditional dealers.


Yelp Review 70

Laurie F.

Laurie F.

Martinez, CA

best cars for less money9/18/2013

Fantastic experience with Salim at Ion Cars! He made it easy and simple and was very relaxed. Not at all the high pressure car salesman we all expect and want to avoid. I would highly recommend Ion Cars to anyone looking for a good deal and a great experience.


Yelp Review 69

Andy S.

Andy S.

Emeryville, CA

how to sell my car9/18/2013

This my fiance and my first experience buying a car and it was actually a lot of fun!I had been prepped by numerous family members about the woes of dealing with car dealerships and all the games you have the play to deflate the price to a manageable rate. Not the case with Salem and Ion Cars. From the very get go he was honest with us! There was no hassle and he never once pushed a car on us that we didn't want.We knew what we wanted before we walked in the door and he never tried to push anything else on us. He wanted to know our needs and desires. And somehow he exceeded them!He even offered track a car for us he were looking for something else!

He was completely genuine in his approach. He never gave us false information about his cars.He sells them at the lowest prices you will find and he told us that the first time we met him. I am typically suspicious of anything or anybody and left thinking I was going to find holes in what he said. Let me tell you it didn't happen. We have loved the car we bought and I would recommend to anyone to at least talk to him when you begin your car buying experience. He knows his stuff and his cars will treat you well!My plan is to go back to Ion for my next car purchase. No doubt about it!


Yelp Review 68

Laura H.

Laura H.

Oakland, CA

buy cars and trucks9/9/2013

I cannot believe it has taken me almost two months to write this review--it is not for lack of being obsessed with Salem! I have never written a yelp review, but the greatness of Ion Cars MUST be known.
My experience at Ion Cars was seamless, informative, and so enjoyable! My car was stolen in May, and I survived while traveling during the summer without a vehicle. However, by the end of July I was back in Oakland and needed to buy a car in a tight timeframe. With my parents across the country and my boyfriend out of town, I needed to make my first big purchase on my own!

I shopped around and when I finally arrived at Ion Cars, I knew it was the place to be. Salem made the experience stress-free and really encouraged me to shop around and figure out what I needed and wanted. Aside from a great deal on a car that I love, he also helped me shop around for car insurance (we literally called multiple agencies together and he wouldn't let me accept a deal until we believed it was my best option), answered all of my questions (no matter how dumb--and trust me, they were), and even spent an hour listening to my friend give her start-up pitch to him!

I know you aren't supposed to trust a car salesman, but then Salem is not your typical car salesman.


Yelp Review 67

Photo of D'oh S.

D'oh S.

San Francisco, CA

Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Toyota, Mazxda, Nissan, Subaru, VW for less8/26/2013

I felt like I had been thrown into a shark tank when I had to shop for a used car for myself.Somehow I found Salem in Oakland.What a nice guy, and helpful, and no bs.He answered all my questions honestly and helpfully, and I was made to feel like a customer who mattered.I would recommend anyone who is looking for a good car deal and dealer, go to this place.Salem will sooth your nerves, and educate you and find you just what you want and need.Highly recommended!!!He does indeed ROCK!!!Thanks so much!!!


Yelp Review 66

Photo of Dikla D.

Dikla D.

Oakland, CA

2010 Toyota Prius lowest price8/24/2013
I had a 2002 Rav4 with 154,000 miles to sell, and before trying to go through the process of doing it myself, I found Ion in Oakland, which was local, and bought used cars! I called at 10 am and they were able to schedule me for 1 pm. They took a look at my car, and offered me a fair price for it.I thought I would have to come back later with a second car to get home, but instead, they cut me a check, did all the DMV paperwork and gave me a ride home! It was all done in less than 30 minutes and at the end, I had a printout from the DMV showing the title had transferred over and a check made out to me!I can't believe how easy it was considering when you sell privately, you have to go out and get smog certification, mechanic's to certify the condition of your car, meet with strangers, send paperwork in to the DMV, etc... Would HIGHLY recommend if you are looking to sell your car! Still can't believe how quick and easy it was!!

Yelp Review 65

Photo of Marc S.

Marc S.

Sunnyvale, CA

we buy cars8/15/2013

I wasn't looking forward to buying a used car. However, my experience with Salem was the best I've had so far. I found him to be a honest, friendly person that made the experience more relaxing. I nice change from the traditional pressure sales people I've met before. He seems to focus on quality cars and honest prices with a friendly smile. I found just the car I wanted in great condition. He provided all the background information with CarFax info and inspections so I knew the history. Refreshingly pleasant and rewarding car buying experience.


Yelp Review 64

Photo of Linda L.

Linda L.

San Francisco, CA

buy my car7/4/2013

I was in a car accident last Saturday.The claims representative informed me yesterday morning that my car is totaled and to look for a new vehicle right away. In addition, the rental car has to be returned by July 10.
I found Salem and my new car yesterday afternoon.Even though today is the 4th of July, Salem graciously agreed to meet and show me a 2011 Lexus ES350.The car looked better than the pictures.Salem gave me a great deal (price and financing).Within a short time, I left with my new car.Salem turned a sad situation into a happy one.

Salem is AWESOME!


Yelp Review 63

Photo of Colin W.

Colin W.

San Francisco, CA

Salem kills - just bought our 2nd car from the guy - once in SF, now we travel to OAK for him - more than worth it. He's got a great selection of cars ready to go but even better, he'll go out and find whatever car you want and you'll end up getting a great deal on it. Even more though - I wish I had a sister I could set up w/ him. Dude is the most selfless and honest guy I've worked with in a while. Straightshooter and total Pro. Go to Ion - get a car you love and a good deal.


Yelp Review 62

Photo of Charlene H.

Charlene H.

San Francisco, CA

We buy cars in San Francisco6/27/2013
It's all about Salem! I live in San Francisco and 2 years ago I saw my dream car (a beautiful turquoise Mini) in the window at ION cars. Needless to say I had to have it--I met Salem and I had the most wonderful experience one could possibly have while buying a car. It was so fantastic, in fact, that now that I have a baby and needed a larger car, I called up Salem again. Crossed the Bay Bridge, visited Salem at his new location in Oakland (very easy to find, very quick from the city), and picked up a Prius. Fantastic price. Fantastic experience. You just know that you are getting honest information--no wheeling and dealing. Salem really went above and beyond with the Mini and he has done so again with the Prius. He was patient and available to answer all of my questions...this went on for a week before I even bought the car! No joke, he even called a restaurant and made us reservations in the area while we were signing paperwork. If you need a car and want a great price and don't want to deal with the rigmarole of Craigslist: GO TO ION!

Yelp Review 61

Photo of Shawn Y.

Shawn Y.

San Francisco, CA

We buy cars in San Francisco6/15/2013

When I ordered a new car at the BMW dealer, I was not happy with the trade-in quote of my old BMW. I contacted ion cars through their website in the morning, the owner, Salem, and I exchanged emails to make an appointment. He visited my place on the same day to evaluate the BMW that I was trying to sell. He provided good service by coming to my place to evaluate the car which made the deal very convenient for me.

After checking my car (quickly), Salem and I agreed on the price within 5 minutes.His offer was very reasonable compared to the BMW dealer (and KBB). He even agreed to take care of the DMV paper work when I could not find the title of my car.I received the check the same evening.All in all, this was a very smooth and easy transaction.I never expected that selling a car would be this easy!I would definitely recommend Salem to my friends and family.


Yelp Review 60

Photo of Elie H.

Elie H.

Daly City, CA

When my neighbor told me about his painful experience trying to sell his car and how the dealer tried coercing him into taking less money for his barely used 2011 Lexus ES350, I felt uncomfortable. The negative drama and bs was overwhelming. Do car dealers have a playbook they follow to belittle and demean you? Wear you out until you give in?

So, after my neighbor told me about the deductions for minor scratches, dings, curb rash, bumper dimples, etc., I suggested we call ION CARS. I purchased two vehicles from ION CARS and was thoroughly satisfied. The cars are working great and I remember they buy cars from private party. We went online to get their number and according to Yelp they moved. After a bit more searching, we found them in Jack London Square in Oakland and a new office in SF (thank god)! And get this, the SF office buys cars!I called ION CARS in SF and Salem answered (again, thank god). He remembered me, which was a warm welcome. I told him the issues my neighbor was encountering with selling his Lexus and Salem wanted to help. My neighbor wanted to early terminate his lease on the Lexus and lease a new BMW X5 for business reasons. The payoff for the lease was near blue book value and all he wanted was just to have someone pay it off. Didn't want any money in return, but also didn't want to pay from his pocket as the dealer diligently tried to get him to do.

Salem drove to our houses. We live in Daly City. That's dedication.Salem looked over the vehicle in about 10 minutes, asked a few questions and struck a deal with my neighbor. He took the Lexus off my neighbor's hands by paying off the loan (no money out-of-pocket) and doing all the DMV paperwork. It was incredible. What car dealer pays house visits? He then arranged for the car to be picked up a few hours later after he released liability from my neighbor's name online and printed a copy. Amazing. What can I say? He made me look like a rock star. I am writing this because of the experience I had with ION CARS, again. The best! My neighbor doesn't own a computer and English is his second language, so I wanted to help out by telling others that if you have a car you'd like to sell or buy, contact ION CARS.

ION CARS will change your life!


Yelp Review 59

Photo of LeAnn E.

LeAnn E.

San Francisco, CA

we buy cars in east bay5/7/2013

Salem was fantastic to work with. I didn't want to deal with Craigslist to sell my car, so I decided to contact Ion Cars instead. Salem gave me a great deal for my car, and he made the entire process easy.
Even though his dealership is now located in Oakland, he still purchases cars in San Francisco. I would recommend contacting Salem if you're looking to get a fair deal without the stress of selling your car on your own.


Yelp Review 58

Photo of Arild S.

Arild S.

Oslo Norway

we buy cars in east bay - ion cars4/12/2013

Beware! I was staying in the US for five months and needed transportation so I bought a Ford Explorer from Salem in January 2012. Salem was very helpful during the purchase and since I'm not from the US, he helped setup the insurance at AAA right. As I told him, I wanted to buy with the option of selling the car back again to him at the end of my stay. Although he could not promise to buy the car back, he would give me an offer when it was time to sell. I should have realized then that I should not have trusted him. At purchase the car cost me $6500 with taxes. The car turned out to have a number of defects and I fixed the car at my local Ford shop for $2000. When I contacted him after five months he was not willing to offer more than $1200 for the car. The car was now in a better condition than when I bought it! I was fortunately able to find a reasonable buyer on Craigslist. I think the biggest problem I have with ION cars is that they give an impression of selling high standard cars, when in reality, at least in my case, it turned out to be a major disappointment - and Salem must have known this when he sold me the car. So please don't make the same mistake I did and let yourself be fooled by his smooth customer handling and trusting personality.

Comment from Salem M. of ion cars 5/5/2013


Hi Arlid, I do remember you. You purchased an SUV in January 2012, and had the international cell number. We did discuss that you would like to sell the car back to me if possible at the end of your stay. I don't know if you recall when you purchased the SUV from me I told you then I was relocating my business in the next month or so because of a large condominium project slated to be built on the premises.

When you contacted me on 5/16/12 to sell it back, it was unfortunate timing that I was not able to give you a better offer on your vehicle. This was at a time when I was in between locations and was only able to make offers based on selling vehicles to other wholesale dealers and auctions. If you were to contact me today, now that I have a new location, I would be able to make a significantly different offer. Our timing was just off.

In addition, I mentioned that you should try another dealer or sell it privately for more money. I actually make it very clear to customers what I can and cannot do, and if they can get a better price elsewhere. I let my customers know, as I did with you.

I appreciate the fact that you spent money to maintain the SUV, but sometime franchise car dealers upsell repairs that are not necessary and get the best of us. I wish you had contacted me as I can refer customers to places to get more competitive pricing on repairs and diagnostics. Also, your claim that the vehicle I sold was sub-par seems a bit off to me as you actually sent me a list of the repairs back in May, and all of the repairs were cosmetic and standard repair issues, that did not increase the value of the car or directly affect its functioning or safety. Again, I wish you had contacted me if you felt your car was a "disappointment" - hearing from you a year and a half later, there is nothing I can do.

Sounds like it all worked out in the end selling it private party as we discussed.

For those reading this, I continue to support and assist anyone who is interested in selling or buying a vehicle and I will remain an advocate for those who are from out-of-state and outside the country. Also, now that I am in a new and long-term location, misunderstandings like this are much less likely to happen. I make a point to always be available to my customers, so please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. I will be happy to clarify or give advice about how to get the best purchase, sale or repair price for your car.

Yelp Review 57

Photo of Lori T.

Lori T.

San Francisco, CA

we buy private party cars - ion cars3/23/2013

I had been considering selling my 2007 Mini but the idea of doing it myself was fraught with concerns. I had called Salem months before and when I was ready he came to my house, gave me a fair price, came back several hours later with check in hand and drove away. That is the practical part that was so easy. He also is a genuinely lovely person...a warm, down to earth guy selling cars, who knew! I highly recommend using his business. And encourage folks to travel across the bridge when he sets up in Jack London Square.


Yelp Review 56

Photo of Eric W.

Eric W.

San Francisco, CA

We Buy Cars - ion cars SF3/6/2013

Salem is the man!

This was my first car selling experience, and Salem made it a breeze. He handled every detail and paid a great price too! Not only did he visit me and appraise my 2009 Audi A4 on the spot, he even picked the car up from me while at work. Best of all, he even took care of paying off the remainder of my existing lien so that I didn't have to. No hassle customer service from start-to-finish. He's a fun guy too!

I'd recommend Salem and Ion to anyone looking to buy or sell a vehicle.


Yelp Review 55

Photo of raymond c.

San Francisco, CA

buys all kinds of cars - ion cars SF10/28/2012

Thank you for Yelp! If I hadn't read Yelper's feedback, I wouldn't have done business with Salem. I bought a brand new Yaris sedan a couple of years ago. Basically, I used it to go to Lake Tahoe and ran errands around town. In the past few months, I hadn't used it more than 10 days a month and I live in downtown. I came to the point that I would be better off if I joined a car sharing membership. The day I wanted to sell my car I called Ion Cars. I made an appointment with Salem right after lunch. He came to the parking garage where my car was. We agreed a price within half hour. Around 4:00PM, he brought in a check, a contract, and the completion of the Release of Liability. I gave him the keys, the signed title and he gave me a check. I deposited the check before the bank was closed. The car was still under manufacturer's warranty. I might have gotten more for the price by selling it myself but I really had a great experience in doing business with him. I'll recommend Ion Cars to everyone who wants to sell their cars.


Yelp Review 54

Photo of Maggie T.

San Francisco, CA

buys all kinds of cars - ion cars SF10/23/2012

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the marketplace for a used red MINI convertible, and I talked to a few dealers in both the south bay and in sf. Out of all the dealers, Salem was the friendliest, most professional dealer, who gave us a very reasonable price for a used MINI car. This varied with the attitude from the other MINI dealers, one of whom tried to browbeat us into buying after the test drive. With Salem, we saw the car on Saturday, liked what we saw, and then bought it Sunday after a test drive. Unfortunately, shortly after the purchase of the car, one the doors was accidentally scratched. Salem was kind enough to try his best to eliminate some of the scratches for free. To this date, Salem has also been responsive to my emails about the car - since I am still learning how to take care of it. I really appreciate having a trusted advisor for this car, and am very happy that I bought from ion cars.


Yelp Review 53

Photo of Alesandro C.

San Francisco, CA

buys all kinds of cars - ion cars SF10/15/2012

It is always such a stressful situation when it is time to sell your car, but this time it was a quite pleasant experience with Ion Cars and Salem. He comes to your place or business, gives you an good nad fair quote and even better than that, he has all the paperwork handy for you to complete and proceed with the sell/buy. I saved a lot of time not having to go to the DMV. It is like Salem brings the DMV to your place. I was quite in a hurry to sell my coupe cause I was leaving on vacation next day and Ion Cars finished all the transaction in just less than 1 hour. I Totally recommend and endorse Ion Cars.


Yelp Review 52

Photo of Thomas M.

Berkeley, CA

buys all kinds of cars - ion cars SF9/5/2012

I went to ion cars two years ago because it had very good yelp reviews and bought a ford focus from Salem.

At that time, I was a bit skeptical and wondered how come a car dealer could have so many five-star reviews. After two years, this is clear to me that this is probably one of the best place in San Francisco to buy a car.

The deal was pretty good. The price was well below KBB, and the car seemed to be in a very good condition. During the two years, I did not have a single mechanical problem, even though the car was five years old, and it was therefore very cheap to maintain and easy to sell back.


Yelp Review 51

Photo of Anat N.

San Francisco, CA

buys all kinds of cars - ion cars SF9/2/2012

Emailing Salem from 7400 miles away, looking for a car for my daughter who is studying in SF, I ran into the most honest and generous person possible.
Although he did not have what they needed, Salem helped me in every possible way including a recommendation of which cars to look for in the very limited budget that they have.
I wish we could do business with him this time, but even though we did not, I am positive that I will definitely recommend his business to my friends and to anyone looking to buy a car. It is very hard to find someone that you trust in this business, and without even having met Salem I know I would trust him completely.


Yelp Review 50

Photo of Noelle L.

San Francisco, CA

buys all kinds of cars - ion cars SF 8/18/2012

It was time to sell my Spyder convertible and I tried to do it myself on CraigsList. It was a futile attempt as not only was it too time consuming, there were also too many scammers. I also had my eye on buying a specific vehicle--a Mini Cooper. Salem bought my Spyder for way more than I ever thought I would get based on the wholesale auction price. I then gave him all the specific features I wanted in a Mini-Cooper as well as my budget. Within three weeks I was driving my new Mini cooper that looked brand new with very low miles, panoramic roof and navigation system. I would highly recommend Ion Cars to anyone looking to sell or buy a used car.


Yelp Review 49

Photo of William R.

San Francisco, CA

buys all kinds of cars - ion cars SF8/4/2012

Nobody ever can like a sales person, especially a car sales person. I've been to dealerships and just saw how much they will drool upon the thought of making a commission from selling me a car I probably should not get. Salem at Ion Cars defies the stereotype. He works with my budget and needs to try and find the right car without ever pushing a car on me. Salem is a genuine person that will work with you without having to feel like you are being set up to be financially raped like other car salesmen at most dealerships. I thank him for his time and patience to work with me on finding the right ride. You have no need for doubt if you do business with him, and I hope he'll be around when I purchase another car in the future. Salem is just a really chill individual with no bullsh*t, which is extremely rare in the sales industry. Can't thank him enough for his personal and professional qualities.


Yelp Review 48

Photo of Louis G.



buys all kinds of cars - ion cars SF 3/20/2012

I had the best experience with Salem at Ion Cars this past month. I was transferred overseas and had to sell my car but had to get a duplicate title from the DMV. Salem offered a good price for the car and was willing to transact the deal even though I was leaving the country and he was dependent on me getting him the title. Well, I finally got the title from the DMV and sent it to him. He deposited the funds in my account on the same day as agreed. The entire transaction took a huge weight off the stress of moving out of the country. Thank you!


Yelp Review 47

Photo of Michael H.

San Francisco, CA

electric/hybrid and cars over 30mpg - ion cars 3/9/2012

Salem is a good person. Legitimately cares about his business, cares about his customers, and is great. I moved to San Francisco from Canada on a 3 year work visa and wanted to sell my car because it just wasn't getting much use and cost a lot to park. My car was a Canadian car, and I had no idea how to go about selling the thing.

Salem was very courteous and professional. He helped me get smog checked for California (which was pretty cheap), and purchased my vehicle for a fair price. He knew exactly what to do and how to ensure the deal was legitimate, I had to go talk to customs (at the airport) and get the car checked in to the US which was actually thankfully painless, and after that we were free and clear. I'd have had no idea what to do if I tried selling to a private buyer, and I'm extremely glad for Salem's expertise.

At no point did I feel swindled or like I was being pressured. Ion Cars is the best. Salem wants to get into electric and green cars at some point in the future too.


Yelp Review 46

Photo of Tia C.

Walnut Creek, CA

top dollar for cars - ion cars 1/2/2012

Truly the best around. The hubs and I had been looking around for awhile for the best deal for our smallish suv at a good price. We looked for months and dealt with many slick salesman, which left us with bad impressions and no car.

We went into ion cars about 15 minutes until closing on a Friday. It was pretty much on a whim after we saw a good deal online. We surely thought there would be a catch. Not only was Salem, the owner, patient and nice there was also no catch! Just a great deal for a smallish suv we totally wanted. We bought that night, without pressure and completely happy! Would recommend to anyone!


Yelp Review 45

Photo of Jenna P.

Albuquerque, NM

good cars for less - ion cars 12/23/2011

Thank you Salem so much! He helped my fiance sell his car and gave him such an amazing offer that we could not resist. I never though you could have fun selling a car but Salem proved me wrong with his friendly positive attitude. A true help and such a huge blessing to have found this place. We went in, Salem took the car for a ride and literary minutes later we walked out with a check. I want to go to Salem to buy my next car 100% worth it to go to Ion Cars.


Yelp Review 44

Photo of Caryn G.

Richmond, CA

we buy cars - ion cars 12/14/2011

Had a great experience with ion. Bought a prius from them that was comparable in price to what private parties were charging, and it was in excellent condition (better condition, actually, then the other used hybrids we looked at). All dealings with Salem were really straightforward. I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a reliable used car.


Yelp Review 43

Photo of R G.

Oakland, CA

low priced leader 12/1/2011

This review is DEFINITELY long over do, but sometimes the hectic events of life can get in the way. Let me start off by saying I never write reviews but this experience was too good to not tell everyone about. I have never had a car of my own and waited a really long time to get my dream car, a Mini Cooper. I have been to a hand full of car dealerships before and all were not good experiences at all. I decided to look on yelp for reviews about positive car buying experiences. I saw numerous positive reviews about Ion Cars and more specifically Salem, who works there.

I decided to take a chance and take muni to the car dealership after I got out of class. I got a little bit turned around, so I called to get directions. The person who answered the phone was exactly who I was looking for....Salem. He was extremely nice and courteous giving me directions. I finally made it there and as soon as I walked in we sat down right away and got to work. I told him that I knew exactly what car I wanted and that I have the money and a pretty good credit score. He went into his files and found a car that suited ALL of my needs. It was previously owned with EXTREMELY LOW miles on it. I couldn't believe it!! I initially didn't get approved from the first lender, but Salem assured me he knew a place that would be able to help me out. He gave me the name and address of the place I was supposed to go and who to talk to. I got the approval within the first 5 minutes of sitting down and talking to the bank representative. All in all my car buying experience with Salem was AWESOME. It was FABULOUS! And most importantly it was quick, fast, and EASY. The fact that Salem was so nice and so helpful and respectful will forever leave a lasting impression on me. I will never forget how great of an experience this was....Hopefully in a couple years, they will have the exact car I'm looking for when I decide I am ready to trade this one in. I can honestly say that if you decide to go to Ion Cars you will NOT be disappointed. Thank you so much Salem for everything!! From the bottom of my heart, I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH and I TRULY appreciate your hard work and effort. If I could give 10 stars, I most definitely would. Hope this helps!


Yelp Review 42

Photo of Lorrie o.

San Francisco, CA

low prices and low miles 11/13/2011

After spending considerable time looking for a used mini all around the Bay Area, it was a pleasure to stumble upon Ion Cars. Not only did I find an attractive 2008 Mini Clubman at a good price, I didn't feel like I needed to take a shower to wash off the usual "used-car salesman" sleaze which I had encountered at other places. Salem, the owner of Ion Cars, was a complete pleasure to work with. He was a friendly, helpful, and funny. Besides making it easy for me to bring in the car for an independent inspection, he also special ordered some roof pieces for me. I highly recommend Ion Cars to anyone looking for cars in the Bay Area.


Yelp Review 41

Photo of Tex D.

San Francisco, CA

we buy used cars- ion cars 10/22/2011

Just bought a lovely Touareg from Salem as easy as buying my groceries. Nice man very helpful and pleasant. Normally my experience with car dealers has been probably the same as everybody else's, oily salesmen and push push push... Not so with Salem, got a great car at a great price and actually enjoyed the process. In and out all done including test drive in less than an hour.


Yelp Review 40

San Francisco, CA

honest car sales - ion cars 10/18/2011

Honest. Candid. Man of his word. It's hard to find a person with all 3 of these qualities - and Salem is just that. Salem purchased my Porsche at a very good offer, and then transferred money to my bank account as soon as the title was received, while I was overseas. I appreciate doing business with him and very highly recommend him.


Yelp Review 39

Photo of Andrew H.

Andrew H.

Emeryville, CA

Salem made the process of selling my 2008 Mini Cooper S smooth and easy. He was able to clearly demonstrate to me the current trend in the Mini resale market, and give me a fair deal on my car. I left my car with him, fully signed over to Ion Cars, with a promise to have a check by the end of the week. When I got his e-mail mid-week that the check was in the mail, I held my breath... and received the check by the end of the week as promised! Salem is an honest, and straightforward saleperson. If you are looking to buy or sell a quality used car, talk to Salem at Ion Cars!


Yelp Review 38

Photo of ilya a.

San Francisco, CA

reliable, dependable, and best prices - ion cars 8/31/2011

Salem is the best! He's gone well beyond the call of duty to help me and is as nice to deal with as he is trustworthy and resourceful. Highly recommended...


Yelp Review 37

Photo of Tia C.

Livermore, CA

As an East Bay family, we usually look to San Francisco for good food and entertainment, but now add Ion Cars to the list of places worth going into the city for.

Salem at Ion Cars is definitely one of those fortunate people who does what he loves. That passion benefitted our family this week.

We were helping our daughter find an economical and reliable car to take to college. Salem's easy going, friendly manner made the details of the car buying process very painless. What a relief and pleasant surprise to talk with someone who takes such good care of every customer because that's good business!

Thank you, Salem. It has been a pleasure working with you. You are now officially on our "We highly recommend" list:) See you next time!

PS: We bought a Subaru Outback which was a perfect fit for our daughter both for safety and her wallet!


Yelp Review 36

San Francisco, CA

we buy cars - ioncars san francisco 7/31/2011

Trust a car salesperson? This always seemed like an oxymoron to me, until I got to know Salem at Ion. I had been a slave to Muni and surprisingly was able to get around the city to do my job in outside sales. But now needing to expand my territory, it became time to put my clipper card in the back of my wallet and add a new key to my keychain.

Outside of being a funny guy, Salem made the buying experience mellow and easy. He works with one credit union, so keep that in mind if you are self employed or may have shoddy credit. I'm self employed, so I had to go with another credit union he and my bank recommended.

I'm HUGE on customer service, so I was more than pleased at how quickly he responded to my emails with questions. Being in sales myself, I beat him up a bit about price, but in the long run, I got a great deal. My 2008 Mini is loaded with extra features that will make driving more pleasant and it's just so damn cute.

Now I just have to get used to driving in a city I never really drove in. The first day I almost got in two accidents (not my fault), realized I was going 10 mph over the speed limit, and almost ran over a pedestrian on Geary Blvd. WATCH OUT SAN FRANCISCO.


Yelp Review 35

Photo of Melissa L.

San Francisco, CA

best used cars in san francisco 7/16/2011

Was looking to sell my 2006 Mini Cooper and live the whole carless city life and not only did they trump all the other dealership offers but they made the entire process extremely easy. I also had my car out of state for three years and never contacted the CA DMV, and for that they discovered that I was sort of on CA DMV "wanted list". But they made all the daunting phone calls right there in front of me and took care of all the mailing in forms and standing in line at the DMV dirty work.

And unlike most dealerships, I got my check right there in the spot. You definitely can't beat the honesty, efficiency and east of Ion Cars.

When I do decide to have a car again in this city, the first place I'm going to in Ion Cars.


Yelp Review 34

Photo of Tia C.

Henderson, NV

best used cars 7/12/2011

Today at Ion Cars I had the best selling car experience!

Very friendly and honest person, they have even fixed some registration's issues my car had AND on top of that I got the BEST value for my Mini!



Yelp Review 33

Photo of Tia C.

San Francisco, CA

sf used cars 6/25/2011

We purchased a fantastic MINI from Salem! We told Salem what kind of MINI we wanted and he brought it back from an auction for us. Salem gave the actual blue book value for our trade-in. Something dealers don't usually like to do. What more, he gave us an amazing price on the MINI which would have been marked up 3X at any dealer. Salem was fair, not pushy and a great guy! We will be buying cars from him in the future and enjoyed doing business with him.


Yelp Review 32

Photo of Tia C.

San Jose, CA

Yelp 5-Star Used Car Dealer in SF 6/20/2011

Salem helped me step into a new 2006 G35 Sedan. I drove up from the south bay sunday morning and drove home with a smile on my face sunday afternoon.

He is way more pleasant to deal with than any other car dealer I know and saved me a lot of frustration from dealing with people on Craigslist.

This is the place to go if you need a new car! Salem is amazing. Thanks Salem.


Yelp Review 31

Photo of J T.

San Francisco, CA

car prices ION CARS 4/25/2011

I'm so excited about the car that I bought from Salem - this place is too good to be a dealership, it's some sort of car buyer's haven. Just need a couch and an espresso maker and then it would be perfect.


Yelp Review 30

Photo of T D.

San Francisco, CA


Salem is THE best. No joke. I went in to his showroom solo one Friday morning to check his inventory...I had a good feeling because I knew I had done my research (which included reading the reviews posted here on Yelp!) and I knew that I had nothing to fear... and I was right -- Salem is a no-nonsense kinda guy ... He was the only dealer I went to on the one day I was determined to find my new car --- Prior to finding ion cars, I had literally planned to scour the city of SF to find my perfect new wheels, the perfect dealer, etc...... The beauty is that I only had to make one stop - and it was because I chose ion cars as my first stop. Salem is honest, genuine and real. He is direct and I knew he'd help me drive away in the Mini I'd fallen in love with!! Sure enough, he did. He went above and beyond to help me and I'm pretty sure I've made a life long friend as well. He's the best. THANK YOU SALEM!!


Yelp Review 29

Photo of Tia C.

San Francisco, CA

Unbelievably Low Prices - ion cars 4/18/2011

I recently bought a 2008 MINI Cooper from Ion Cars after a few months of researching used MINI models and prices.

I found Ion's listing on Craig's List and decided to look at it at the show room. I found a few MINIs that were in immaculate condition and all the sticker prices were ubelievably reasonable.

I asked Salem, Ion Car's GM and owner, to be honest with me regarding how low he was willing to go on price on one of the cars. He did not hesitate to give me a very fair price and just encouraged me to test drive the car and decide for myself if the car is the right choice.

I decided to bite the bullet and buy the car because I knew the price was a really great deal for such a clean car with very low miles. I knew it would be stupid to pass it up because I could easily turn around and sell the car for a few thousand more if I wanted to. The deal was that good!

Go check out Salem's show room! You won't be disappointed by the cars and also by Salem's no-pressure style of dealing with customers.


Yelp Review 28

Mountain View, CA

Bay Area MINI Dealer 4/9/2011

Was in the market to buy a Audi and searched and searched and searched and got no where. Finally I saw an ad for a 2008 Audi from ions cars and the car looked too good to be true at the price it was advertised for. Newaz not expecting much I called the no and fixed a appointment to go look at car and take a rest ride. Reached ions cars showroom @Market street and met with the owner Salem.

Within minutes of seeing the car I realized it was a really good deal and as Salem walked me through the details of the car and the car fax. I couldn't find anything wrong with the car. I had researched about used cars and what to check when buying one and this car looked in a real good condition.

Now was the time for a test drive. I was a bit scared to drive on SF road living in bay area and have never driven on the hilly road in SF Salem helped me and took me through streets where it was easier to ride so I could drive the car in peace. The car drove like a dream and Salem never put any pressure for buying or over sold the car. The price for the car was really good and the car was in a really good condition. Plus it had very low mileage and was still under manufacturer warranty.

Salem told me he keeps the prices low for the car and he hand picks the car and even walked me through the process how he actually buys a used car and what all he checks before picking up the car. His passions for cars clearly shows the way he talks about car and know each and every details of the cars in his showroom on the top on his head.

Within two days I was a proud owner of a Audi there was a small problem with the battery, and after I told Salem about it he asked me to just drive by the showroom and within an hour he replaced the car with a new battery. Its amazing I could have not asked for a better service. Salem even drove me to my office in SF while they were replacing my car battery and offered to pick me up. Seriously I was not expecting this from a dealer. I don't know what to be more happy about getting a good deal on the car or having a good customer experience.

Salem you have a good thing going here and I am sure to recommend you to all my friends who are in the market to buy a car. Keep up the good work. I really wish if you could also open up a show room somewhere in the bay are also.


Yelp Review 27

San Francisco, CA

Yelp Review 27 - so easy to buy a car from ion cars 3/18/2011

It's funny that my boyfriend posted a review and it got filtered...I guess I owe Salem a good review indeed and let me try again.

We bought a red mini convertible 2007 model last month and I loved it.
I'm a new driver so I got it scratched a week later. Anyways, I called Salem and he helped take out some of the small scratches and wax the area for me and he did it as a favor. I truly appreciate his help and i think he deserves a 5 star.


Yelp Review 26

San Francisco, CA

Yelp Review 26 best car purchase 3/10/2011

I was sitting at Honda of Serramonte about to spend a ridiculous amount of money on an old car with body damage and alot of miles, when I called my trusty mechanic to ask for advice. He said the magic words, " I know a guy." He put me in touch with Salem and the rest was history. I left the honda dealership and went straight to ion cars. Salem had told me over the phone about a Nissan Versa, this was a car I had never heard of so I decided to go and see for myself. I immediately liked the look of the car, and especially liked the price, about 3K less than the blue book value. Salem was very easygoing, and I couldn't have felt less pressure. After test driving the car I went home to do some research, and quickly decided that this was a great deal. By the end of that day, I was driving off in a far nicer car than I thought I would be able to afford.

Salem was extremely helpful and made an agonizing process enjoyable and painless.

I would recommend anyone looking for a car to go to ion cars, the difference in my experience from the honda dealership was remarkable. I can't say enough good things about my experience.


Yelp Review 25

Photo of KATERINA B.

San Francisco, CA

Good deals at ion cars.  3/9/2011

As good as it gets! Seriously!

I walked into ION Cars on Sunday morning and drove my very own 2007 MINI Cooper in the afternoon without even feeling tired. I was shopping for this car for quiet a while and I'm so glad I didn't buy it from anybody else!

I've never heard of ION Cars before and I'm sure that several years down the road it will be one of the best places to buy used cars. Salem keeps them garaged and they all are very clean AND DRY! Which makes a huge difference when it's raining (and it was raining that day).
I want to thank Salem for working with me all day, for his highly professional attitude and for undivided attention he gave me - I'm actually giving 7 STARS to ION Cars on the 5-star rating scale.

Many many thanks, Salem.


Yelp Review 24

Photo of Tia C.

San Francisco, CA

yelp review 24 - great buy great value 2/27/2011

My Daughter was in need of a vehicle and I wanted to find her a car that was one reasonable and a great buy. I was driving on Market and saw the sign advertising used cars and decided to stop in and take a look. This was the best decision I ever made. The Infinity G20 that I saw was spotless and perfect for my daughter. Salem was extremely respectful and all knowing, answered all my questions and even suggested I take it to my own mechanic to have them inspect the vehicle. I was concerned about buying her a vehicle from a salesperson, but not Salem. He was patient and never rushed me or my daughter with the eventual purchase of her Infinity G20. She adores her car and I am grateful that Salem made the experience easy, convenient and very fair. I would definitely recommend Salem and ION Cars to anyone looking to purchase a used vehicle.


Yelp Review 23

Photo of Tia C.

San Francisco, CA

yelp review 23 - awesome car dealer 2/20/2011

My mechanic (60 yr old mechanic from SF) recommended going to see Salem at ION cars. I was looking for a Honda Fit Sport and it so happens that he had one and only one. I wanted manual transmission and this one was aut-o-matic, but has the little hand paddles that you can use to shift. After looking around a bit, I went for it and got a great deal and definitely feel like it was a fair and honest transaction. Salem didn't try to sell me on anything or rush me. He's easy going and straight forward, I'd highly recommend ION cars!


Yelp Review 22

Photo of Tia C.

San Francisco, CA

yelp review ion cars best prices 1/30/2011

3 months ago I was looking for a used Toyota Yaris to buy. I called a couple of Toyota dealers who sounded quite terrible and then I called Ion Cars. Salem, the wonderful owner helped me through the whole process showing me what he had, being honest, courteous, not pushy, giving me time to think about it and recommendations. I had a great feeling about buying my car there and I have been very happy with it. He took care of all the paperwork and within an hour I could leave the shop in my adorable Yaris! This dealer is absolutely amazing and reliable... last night someone broke in my car leaving the front left window in pieces. I decided to call Ions Car dealer just to see if he had any suggestions regarding a place to have the window repaired which he did. He immediately made a couple of phone calls and had someone to do the job within an hour! This is how awesome, committed and loyal Salem is! I am very impressed with such professionalism and service. Thanks again!


Yelp Review 21

Photo of Tia C.

San Francisco, CA

great prices good cars 1/12/2011

I'd been searching for a used Civic or Accord for weeks and gave up on individual buyers. All of the dealers on the Peninsula seemed so... sketchy. I just happened to walk by Ion Cars one day, saw an Accord at a fair price and took it for a test drive even though the dealership was about to close.

Salem was nothing but helpful - and patient. This was my first-ever car purchase and he was understanding, not pushy, and so nice. I drove away a few days later in my new-to-me car.

Fast forward three months, and I have a wonderful car that has already seen me through two road trips, work commutes, and regular trips with the dog to Fort Funston. I parted with a lot of money, and haven't had a moment of buyer's remorse.

I can't recommend Ion and Salem enough!


Yelp Review 20

San Francisco, CA

ion cars comfort creatures 1/7/2011

This is how a business should be run.... After our 2003 MINI died I was obsessed with finding another. The cost of a new MINI at SF BMW or Niello in Sac was just out of reach.
I went out on a test drive of a Mazda 6 since that was what I could afford. HATED it. Discouraged at the thought of having to change my strategy once again, we headed home. On the way we took a wrong turn and went up Dolores by accident. On the corner at Market Street we saw it...a beacon in the night...a beautiful green and blue beacon calling us to a showroom filled with MINI Coopers! How could this be? Is this a new SF MINI branch? No, they're USED! I flipped a u-ey, parked, and the wifey, toddler and I walked in...
Every car here looked showroom new. Salem, the owner and sole employee, greeted us. All of his cars were like showroom new. And after doing much research for the sale of my old MINI, it was obvious the cars were not only priced fair but truly BELOW Kelly Blue Book . And there it was- a 2008 MINI in oxygen blue with a black roof. Leaving for vacation the next morning was forcing me to sleep on it. I kept thinking of the car during our trip and checked Ion Cars' on-line inventory list to make sure it didn't sell. Four days later I walked in, made one last survey of the beauts in the showroom and said 'I'll take it'.
Noticing the car had only one key, Salem assured me he'd get one (they go for about $150) from MINI. Man of his word! I never though a used car purchase could be this enjoyable. car had 20,000 miles on it and will be under factory warranty for another two years!
Salem had a manner that set us at ease. A genuinely nice guy. We plan on dropping by just to say hi! It's easy to see he loves what he does and wants his customers to be happy. It's really that simple. Ion Cars is onto something...Do yourself a favor and check them out before you buy a car, new or used. I honestly can't say enough positive things about Salem and Ion Cars.


Yelp Review 19

San Francisco, CA

cheap car prices 12/31/2010

Salem sold my 1999 Honda Accord. I was somewhat in love with the car and only got rid of it because we bought a Prius and we're a one car family. He helped us repair some minor body damage from years of parking on SF streets and get the smog check. The car was a fantastic car for me for 10 years, had low mileage and had never given me a single problem, so I really wanted it to go to a "good home" and also wanted to make sure we got value for it since it was such a great car. Salem ensured that the car was sold for it's proper worth and took the time to work out a very fair arrangement with us for commission. He is clearly a very straightforward businessperson who wants to see every person find the right car and every customer satisfied. We could not have sold the car on our own so painlessly. Thanks for all the help!!


Yelp Review 18

San Francisco, CA

ion cars yelp 17 good cars 12/30/2010

Our salesman, Salem, took his time and was very patient with me and my girlfriend. Answered all our questions and gave a very reasonable price on an amazing car! Convenient location, personal, and reasonable makes this the dealer to go to! Thanks Salem.


Yelp Review 17

San Francisco, CA

less expensve price better cars 12/29/2010

We recently sold our used car to ion cars and were delighted that Salem offered us $1,000 more than the dealership where we were buying our new car. He was very quick with the transaction which allowed us to buy our new car in the same day. He also took care of paying off the small balance on the loan we had with a bank.

We felt Salem was very honest and fair in his dealings with us. We were very satisfied with our experience selling our used car to ion cars and would definitely recommend them to others.


Yelp Review 16

Berkeley, CA

ion cars low prices yelp review 12/10/2010

As I started my long-delayed search for a new vehicle this month, I ws dismayed to find that dealerships are still playing the same tedious games with customers that they were when i bought my first car many years ago.
Fortunately, pointed me to a vehicle at ion cars ( in San Francisco. After spending time in traditional lots, working with Salem, the general manager at ion, was a breath of fresh air. As the owner and creator of this organization, he has a clear commitment to changing the typical car sales business model. This showed me that a car purchase isn't a zero-sum win/lose event, but can be a cordial transaction that benefits both parties.
My frustration had been that I just wanted to buy a car and move on--Salem worked with me to come up with a good deal on the purchase and on my trade-in, and we completed the transaction and paperwork with a minimum of fuss.
If you are a busy person, if you are not interested in the typical back-and-forth with a used car dealer, if you are looking for a good deal on a nice car, take a look at ion cars in San Francisco.


Yelp Review 15

San Francisco, CA

ion cars yelp review best prices12/9/2010

"I want to thank you for taking the time to get all the information I need to make an informed decision about buying a car. I have spoken to one or two other car dealers in the last month and they have all left me with the same impression - that I can't trust a used car salesperson. The fact that you are taking the time to get information from me, giving me the answers I need and exploring financing before I have even visited your showroom or selected a car shows me that you are someone I want to do business with. Once we have financing worked out and are able to start looking for the right car, I will definitely make my purchase with you.

Again, thank you for having the patience to work through the process on my terms and schedule and I look forward to meeting you."

This an email I sent Salem at ion cars back on November 5th; we have exchanged over 100 emails. It pretty much sums up my feelings after doing business with ion cars. They let me work through the car buying process the way I want to because NO I do not want to come take a test drive, NO I do not want to talk to a schmuck who scribbles a remedial accounting table on the back of a used loan application, NO I don't have another $1,000 and honestly I don't care to talk about a car I can't be 100% sure I can buy.

I would recommend ion Cars and Salem to anyone looking to buy a quality used car. I would completely trust them to find exactly the car you want and the financing you need.


Yelp Review 14

San Francisco, CA

Yelp Review 14 12/5/2010

There is a reason why Salem Mansoir, owner of Ion Cars has only received positive reviews on YELP and is a huge hit amongst locals. He has only been around for 6 months and people are flocking to him. Salem has MOJO. He knows how to be real and get on his customer's level- listen to what their needs are and do everything that he can to please them. I have never met such a hardworking salesperson. But above all he is honest and sincere. That, my friends, is almost impossible to find in today's world, especially in the world of automobile sales. Save yourself the time and hassle of shopping around on Craiglist and trying to get good deals from people who are not giving you the whole story- if you want a used car for a good deal go to someone that everyone can trust: Salem is your man at Ion Cars!


Yelp Review 13

San Francisco, CA

yelp ion cars11/3/2010

Husband here: It's good to have a transaction that not only doesn't piss you off but is actually a pleasure to complete. The high quality of cars was reflected by Salem's high quality in character. Will deal with again, gladly.

Wife here (and owner of her first car) : I am so happy about my new car. It is a great value. I am really glad Salem do all the DMV paper for me. Thank you!


Yelp Review 12

San Francisco, CA

affordable luxury cars one owner9/28/2010

I stumbled into Ion one Saturday am while out walking, and I immediately thought it was a new car dealership. The cars were all so beautiful and pristine, I couldn't believe they were pre-owned! And as soon as I met Salem I could tell he was honest and trustworthy. Definitely not your usual car salesman. He is a no-pressure kinda guy who clearly loves what he does. Salem only brings in cars of the highest quality and makes the car-buying process very smooth. He is willing to work with customers to find the cars they are looking for, which is exactly what he did for me. I was in the market for a charcoal gray Rabbit, and he found me the best deal I could find, on an amazing car in mint condition w/very low mileage. I am in love with my new car! I whole heartedly recommend Ion to friends - and do so regularly! Good luck!


Yelp Review 11

Daly City, CA

pre-loved cars - ion cars9/28/2010

These guys are great! I spoke with Salem Mansoir (GM) about a month ago to keep his eyes open for an inexpensive car for my daughter, and lo and behold, two weeks later he called and informed me that he purchased a beautiful secondhand car I might be interested in. Sure enough, a pre-loved Infiniti, one owner with 85k miles starring me in the face. WOW! Salem was right! This car had been taken care of better than the average. After giving him the thumbs-up, Salem had the vehicle AAA inspected, detailed and polished. I returned the next day to purchase the vehicle with ease. What an AMAZING deal - under 5K. We are ecstatic. The first time in my life I witnesses a car dealer staying true to their word - no bs. no games. no lying! Pure business people. We are so grateful to "ion cars'" we plan to buy another car from Salem very soon.


Yelp Review 10

Photo of Laura N.

San Francisco, CA


I'd been in the market for a new-used Mini Cooper and had been scouring craiglist for weeks. I came across an ad for a Mini at ION Cars and wasn't yet ready to commit, but after walking home one day, I came across the small indoor lot at the corner of Market and Dolores to see 3 Mini Coopers in the window! I popped in to see what the going rate was and lo-and-behold, an adorable white Mini the exact year and with the accoutrements I was seeking for an affordable price!

I came in and the GM, Salem, greeted me and encouraged me to sit in it and take a look at it. I told him I was just stopping in, but would be interested in a test drive at a later date. He was very easy-going and said I could stop by anytime. I came back a week later with my boyfriend and we test drove the car down Dolores St and even on the 280/101 freeway so I could check out the 6-speed manual feature. Afterwards, I wasn't ready to commit and Salem told me to go home and think about it (no pressure!). After we left, my boyfriend (who used to sell cars for Nissan in the peninsula) said it was the most easygoing, non-threatening car dealership. ever.

After going home and checking edmunds and kelly's blue book, it did in fact seem as though the sticker price was a good, even great, deal... somewhere btw trade-in and lower than dealership rates... esp. considering the car only had 24K miles and lots of snazzy features; perfect condition; still under warranty!

I came back the next morning to see about settling the deal. Unfortunately, it was Labor day and all the financers were off, so Salem couldn't quote me a finance rate, but he said he'd call me back the following morning. He did call and said the best rate he could get me was 6.9% through Wells Fargo, and suggested that since I had excellent credit, I should try going through my bank. Chase banks in California are apparently not yet trained to handle auto loans in person and were going to take 3 days to mail me a check, so Salem recommended finding a credit union in the city. He sat there with me and we searched potential options and came across Patelco Credit Union that was offering a best rate of 3.75%.

He called them directly on my behalf and asked what information I'd need to take out a loan and if they would cut me a check directly. The next two mornings, I headed over to Patelco (at Second and Mission) to finalize the loan and did indeed secure a rate of 3.75% -- better than even my home bank could give me!

Long story short, I was very nervous about the car buying experience, but Salem helped me out at every step of the way. I couldn't be happier with my little Cooper! It's amazing!

5-star service! Go meet with Salem and he'll try to find you the used car you've been dreaming of and give you a great deal in a non-threating, no pressure setting!



Yelp Review 9

Photo of Tia C.

Seaside, CA


I bought a pre-owned 2007 BMW 328i still on warranty, with only 31,000 miles, for a very good price! I drove my new used car out the door within an hour of deciding it was exactly what I was looking for.
Salem Mansoir was amazing ! He had every form that needed to be filled out; DMV, insurance, bank. I didn't have to go anywhere else. He is very experienced, having worked for dealerships for years, but he brings a whole new, very pleasant experience in shopping and buying a car. I highly recommend Ion cars ! He had several beautiful cars in his showroom and he will try to find the car you want if it's not there. I will be telling everyone I talk to that wants to buy a car or knows someone who wants to buy a car to go to Ion cars ! Ellorie


Yelp Review 8

San Francisco, CA


My husband and I bought a car here a few weeks ago, and the whole experience was great. I had done my homework and knew I was getting a good deal, but more than that, Salem Mansoir made it easy, pleasant, and fun to choose the right car. The selection is small but choice, and Salem will work with you to get the car you need. And it's in the middle of San Francisco! No long treks out of town to overwhelming lots and high pressure sales. Ion Cars is fantastic--it's the only place I will go for cars from now on.


Yelp Review 7

Photo of Lucky S.

San Francisco, CA

sf economy cars dealership ion cars 8/27/2010

It all started with a dream ... finding a 2009 Rabbit with rare options, low miles and a reasonable price tag. Salem at Ion Cars made it happen!
I found my dream car in mint condition and with low miles at a price that was more than reasonable. Not only the car was fully inspected it was also still under warranty, which made this purchase risk free.
Ion Cars is a boutique dealership focused on service and quality. I enjoyed Salem's professionalism and desire to help me find MY car. After a couple of unsuccessful and disappointed trips to VW dealers with questionable ethics, doing business with Ion Cars was a no-brainer.
I highly recommend!


Yelp Review 6

San Francisco, CA

best car dealership in san francisco and peninsula 8/20/2010

i purchased a 2007 bmw 328i with only 22K miles in excellent condition for thousands less than most dealers. factory warranty included. it runs great and I love it.
I was so lucky to literally fall into ION cars. They were extremely helpful on all levels and gave me more options than a dealer ever could. The personalized service and great deals makes ION cars the best in SF insofar as I am concerned.

Yelp Review 5

Photo of Tia C.
Peter K.

San Francisco, CA

top rated yelp review for car dealership in sf 8/18/2010

I bought a 2007 Mini Cooper from Ion last week and am very pleased with both the car and the buying experience. Salem Mansoir, the general manager, is a very nice man and he made the transaction smooth and pleasant from start to finish. Unlike a lot of other used car salesmen, Salem is very low-key and straight-forward. I felt no pressure to buy. Salem is very knowledgeable about the cars he sells and he went out of his way to answer all my questions thoroughly. He even showed me how much he paid for the car at auction! I highly recommend Ion if you're looking to buy a quality car from a quality dealership.


Yelp Review 4

San Mateo, CA

yelp 5 star for car dealership 8/15/2010

The "used car dealer" cliche does not apply here. This is a low pressure sales atmosphere where they want to get you in the right car. Prices are good, and the negotiations were very reasonble - looked up prices on the internet pricing tools like Kelly's and go from there. Their inventory is small, but if you know what you want they will try to find it for you at auction. This is a relatively new business with big plans to change used car buying in the Bay Area. Good luck guys.


Yelp Review 3

San Francisco, CA

yelp5star for san francisco's newest hybrid and luxury car dealership8/10/2010

Ion cars and Salem rock...he is the sole proprietor at this point and he provides great service. Very mellow and no hard sell with excellent prices...Very fair and reasonable.


Yelp Review 2

San Francisco, CA


If you're looking for a great deal on a used car, but want to browse without any pressure, check out Ion Cars. The GM, Salem, is friendly and easy to work with, and he can help you find whatever you're looking for. He gave me a great price for my used car, and I am completely happy with my experience at Ion.


Yelp Review 1

Photo of Tia C.

Mary T.

San Francisco, CA

yelp 5 stars car dealership 7/25/2010

Ion Cars bills itself as a "different breed of car dealer" and this description fits perfectly ! I had been to at least seven other dealers and kept getting the typical "sales pitches." The manager at Ion worked with me to find what I wanted and needed, and then located a car for me at a dealer auction. I wanted a specific type of car and other car brokers couldn't help me. He has access to dealer auctions and has had years of experience in the car industry. Oddly enough, he also worked in the Silicon Valley tech industry at one time too...but left to start his own dealership because he loves cars ! The dealership is located in the old S&C building in the Mission-Delores neighborhood. They remodeled the inside and it is funky, hip and cool - and very different. In all my years I have never had any car dealer spend that much time with me to help me. It was the most relaxed and pleasant car buying experience I have ever had, and all at a killer price. In addition to car sales, brokerage services and purchases (while I was there he was buying a car from a local who was moving out of the country), he also takes cars on consignment. I think this is the future of car sales, not those big, heartless megamall giant lots. I would highly recommend this dealership. They are small but great !


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