Yelp Review 79

Kim B.

Kim B.

Alameda, CA

how to sell my car1/21/201

It was such a relief to walk into Ion and work w/Salem after going to the shmoozy big car dealers. You know how it is, you put on your game face, figure out which one of you and your partner will be the skeptical one to try to bring the price down, inspect every inch of the car to make sure you are not getting scammed...ugghhh!

Didn't have to do any of that at Ion. I will buy from Salem again and again, not because we got a fair deal on a car in great shape (which we totally did), but because Salem is a super nice guy. That made the whole experience more enjoyable- dealing with a real person who cares about you getting what you are looking for. He was super patient as we were very particular and wanted to test drive the car overnight to make sure it was cumfy for us. In fact, I think Salem under pitches his cars, that's how laid back he is! If you are looking for a no BS experience and want to walk out w/a smile on your face- give Ion a shot.

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