Yelp Review 85

Umut D.

Umut D.

Pleasanton, CA

sell my car in sf4/12/2014

ION Cars was my last stop !!! I have been looking for my second car for a long time and visited most of the dealerships in Bay area as I had many issues with my first car and didn't want to do the same mistakes. Literally starting from south bay to North Bay area had a chance to visit all of these "big" dealerships. As you all probably also experienced or you are still experiencing all these "big" dealerships have many sales guys assisting/welcoming the customers by giving empty promises and taking your time for nothing.In most cases after spending min. 1 hour with these guys you end up with sales manager which you actually didn't even spent a minute while you are looking for car and he basically tells you the final price without even listening you as these sales guys act like bridge between you and the sales manager. Seriously that is so funny!!!! They usually don't even care what you are asking because they are "big" and your small money does not make any difference for them.

So what I experienced today was something completely different and I thought this is worth to share in yelp!!! Can't comment about my new car's performance as this is the first day that I have it ( but did a good job so far as I had to drive 200 miles on first day) but I would like to take the opportunity to thank to Salem, ION Cars as he guided us with patience for almost 3 hours, he was in charge so didn't need to talk to many people to get the deal done and he definitely did his best in this deal to make us happy too. He even gave last minute discount for the parking ticket that I got because of parking where actually I shouldn't :) So I would definitely advise you to see this place and meet with Salem before you make your final decision!!!Once again thanks to the Salem and ION Cars for being truthful and providing great customer satisfaction !!!

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