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Jen C.

Jen C.

East Bay

cars under 5K10/23/2014

Short version:
ION cars:5+ stars for being true to their slogan, being a clean & well-maintained establishment that is easily accessible, taking care of the cars they buy & sell, having a variety of cars on hand, and not being a slimy used car dealership.
Salem:5+ stars for being a salesman with integrity, honesty, humility, enthusiasm, knowledge, pride in what he does, ability to keep it real, for being a fantastic representative for the company, and for not being a slimy used car sales person. Someone give this man a raise!

Long version (though you don't need it, just go there & you'll not be unhappy):
This past June, we were informed that the work that was needed on our previous car was going to cost us at least it's worth.Sadness & woe. I hate used car dealerships (the stereotype usually fits), but had had my eyeball on ION for a couple of years, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to call them to see what they had to say. I spoke to Salem,asked if there was anything he could do for us.I was first taken aback by his enthusiasm, his openness to the possibility that we could work something out. Is this guy for real? Well, he was.We met him the following weekend, worked out a fair price for the Subaru, and left with a Mazda Protege. He was not secretive about all of the work that ION had had done on the Mazda after he bought it.He allowed my husband & I to take it for a long test drive. He also found someone to help us finance it, on a Saturday, as we truly had no money to buy it outright.They had put a lot of money into this car, replacing the engine with a newer one (w/60k on it), to name just one, and it was a powerful drive.This is what we were looking for. Never once did we feel pressured to purchase.The whole selling/buying process was quick and easy with Salem, and we drove our new used car away happily.Salem asked that we call him to let him know how everything was going, once we had the car a while.

Fast forward 6 weeks or so, and I had been noticing white smoke coming from the muffler when starting the engine.Because we didn't purchase a warranty, I felt awkward calling Salem to inform him, so I took it to a mechanic I trust in Lafayette.He diagnosed the problem. It was a very expensive problem having to do with the engine.I contacted Salem to let him know about it at this point, b/c this engine was recently replaced. He was apologetic, and insisted we bring it in so he could take care of it for us.This he did not have to do, and we were impressed with his honest reaction and his desire to make it all right. Long story short, the company who he purchased the engine from had not tested it the way they say they did (he is no longer buying parts from them).He ended up replacing that engine with a still younger one, also replacing the water pump, AND loaned us one of their used cars (at no charge) to hold us over for the 3 week duration we were without our Mazda! Where did this guy come from? Where did ION cars come from? Have I mentioned that all of this was done at NO CHARGE to us. When we got our car back, it ran even better & with more power then it did when we bought it, and we were beyond pleased!This is unheard of in the used car world, and we were overcome with gratitude for the lengths that Salem went to make this car & this whole transaction one that was full of integrity and candor. He really is top-notch, and we sadly lack the words to fully express our gratitude to him. 


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