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San Francisco, CA


I'd been in the market for a new-used Mini Cooper and had been scouring craiglist for weeks. I came across an ad for a Mini at ION Cars and wasn't yet ready to commit, but after walking home one day, I came across the small indoor lot at the corner of Market and Dolores to see 3 Mini Coopers in the window! I popped in to see what the going rate was and lo-and-behold, an adorable white Mini the exact year and with the accoutrements I was seeking for an affordable price!

I came in and the GM, Salem, greeted me and encouraged me to sit in it and take a look at it. I told him I was just stopping in, but would be interested in a test drive at a later date. He was very easy-going and said I could stop by anytime. I came back a week later with my boyfriend and we test drove the car down Dolores St and even on the 280/101 freeway so I could check out the 6-speed manual feature. Afterwards, I wasn't ready to commit and Salem told me to go home and think about it (no pressure!). After we left, my boyfriend (who used to sell cars for Nissan in the peninsula) said it was the most easygoing, non-threatening car dealership. ever.

After going home and checking edmunds and kelly's blue book, it did in fact seem as though the sticker price was a good, even great, deal... somewhere btw trade-in and lower than dealership rates... esp. considering the car only had 24K miles and lots of snazzy features; perfect condition; still under warranty!

I came back the next morning to see about settling the deal. Unfortunately, it was Labor day and all the financers were off, so Salem couldn't quote me a finance rate, but he said he'd call me back the following morning. He did call and said the best rate he could get me was 6.9% through Wells Fargo, and suggested that since I had excellent credit, I should try going through my bank. Chase banks in California are apparently not yet trained to handle auto loans in person and were going to take 3 days to mail me a check, so Salem recommended finding a credit union in the city. He sat there with me and we searched potential options and came across Patelco Credit Union that was offering a best rate of 3.75%.

He called them directly on my behalf and asked what information I'd need to take out a loan and if they would cut me a check directly. The next two mornings, I headed over to Patelco (at Second and Mission) to finalize the loan and did indeed secure a rate of 3.75% -- better than even my home bank could give me!

Long story short, I was very nervous about the car buying experience, but Salem helped me out at every step of the way. I couldn't be happier with my little Cooper! It's amazing!

5-star service! Go meet with Salem and he'll try to find you the used car you've been dreaming of and give you a great deal in a non-threating, no pressure setting!




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