Yelp Review 11

Daly City, CA

pre-loved cars - ion cars   9/28/2010

These guys are great!  I spoke with Salem Mansoir (GM) about a month ago to keep his eyes open for an inexpensive car for my daughter, and lo and behold, two weeks later he called and informed me that he purchased a beautiful secondhand car I might be interested in.  Sure enough, a pre-loved Infiniti, one owner with 85k miles starring me in the face. WOW!  Salem was right!  This car had been taken care of better than the average.  After giving him the thumbs-up, Salem had the vehicle AAA inspected, detailed and polished.  I returned the next day to purchase the vehicle with ease.  What an AMAZING deal - under 5K. We are ecstatic. The first time in my life I witnesses a car dealer staying true to their word - no bs. no games. no lying!  Pure business people.  We are so grateful to "ion cars'" we plan to buy another car from Salem very soon.

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