Yelp Review 12

San Francisco, CA

affordable luxury cars one owner 9/28/2010

I stumbled into Ion one Saturday am while out walking, and I immediately thought it was a new car dealership. The cars were all so beautiful and pristine, I couldn't believe they were pre-owned! And as soon as I met Salem I could tell he was honest and trustworthy. Definitely not your usual car salesman. He is a no-pressure kinda guy who clearly loves what he does. Salem only brings in cars of the highest quality and makes the car-buying process very smooth. He is willing to work with customers to find the cars they are looking for, which is exactly what he did for me. I was in the market for a charcoal gray Rabbit, and he found me the best deal I could find, on an amazing car in mint condition w/very low mileage. I am in love with my new car! I whole heartedly recommend Ion to friends - and do so regularly! Good luck!

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