Yelp Review 14

San Francisco, CA

Yelp Review 14  12/5/2010

There is a reason why Salem Mansoir, owner of Ion Cars has only received positive reviews on YELP and is a huge hit amongst locals.  He has only been around for 6 months and people are flocking to him.  Salem has MOJO.  He knows how to be real and get on his customer's level- listen to what their needs are and do everything that he can to please them.  I have never met such a hardworking salesperson.  But above all he is honest and sincere.  That, my friends, is almost impossible to find in today's world, especially in the world of automobile sales.  Save yourself the time and hassle of shopping around on Craiglist and trying to get good deals from people who are not giving you the whole story- if you want a used car for a good deal go to someone that everyone can trust: Salem is your man at Ion Cars!

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