Yelp Review 16

Berkeley, CA

ion cars low prices yelp review   12/10/2010

As I started my long-delayed search for a new vehicle this month, I ws dismayed to find that dealerships are still playing the same tedious games with customers that they were when i bought my first car many years ago.
Fortunately, pointed me to a vehicle at ion cars (  in San Francisco. After spending time in traditional lots, working with Salem, the general manager at ion, was a breath of fresh air. As the owner and creator of this organization, he has a clear commitment to changing the typical car sales business model. This showed me that a car purchase isn't a zero-sum win/lose event, but can be a cordial transaction that benefits both parties.
My frustration had been that I just wanted to buy a car and move on--Salem worked with me to come up with a good deal on the purchase and on my trade-in, and we completed the transaction and paperwork with a minimum of fuss.
If you are a busy person, if you are not interested in the typical back-and-forth with a used car dealer, if you are looking for a good deal on a nice car, take a look at ion cars in San Francisco.

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