Yelp Review 19

San Francisco, CA

cheap car prices  12/31/2010

Salem sold my 1999 Honda Accord.  I was somewhat in love with the car and only got rid of it because we bought a Prius and we're a one car family.  He helped us repair some minor body damage from years of parking on SF streets and get the smog check.  The car was a fantastic car for me for 10 years, had low mileage and had never given me a single problem, so I really wanted it to go to a "good home" and also wanted to make sure we got value for it since it was such a great car.  Salem ensured that the car was sold for it's proper worth and took the time to work out a very fair arrangement with us for commission.  He is clearly a very straightforward businessperson who wants to see every person find the right car and every customer satisfied.  We could not have sold the car on our own so painlessly.  Thanks for all the help!!

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