Yelp Review 21

Photo of Tia C. 

San Francisco, CA

great prices good cars   1/12/2011

I'd been searching for a used Civic or Accord for weeks and gave up on individual buyers. All of the dealers on the Peninsula seemed so... sketchy. I just happened to walk by Ion Cars one day, saw an Accord at a fair price and took it for a test drive even though the dealership was about to close.

Salem was nothing but helpful - and patient. This was my first-ever car purchase and he was understanding, not pushy, and so nice. I drove away a few days later in my new-to-me car.

Fast forward three months, and I have a wonderful car that has already seen me through two road trips, work commutes, and regular trips with the dog to Fort Funston. I parted with a lot of money, and haven't had a moment of buyer's remorse.

I can't recommend Ion and Salem enough!

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