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San Francisco, CA

yelp review ion cars best prices  1/30/2011

3 months ago I was looking for a used Toyota Yaris to buy. I called a couple of Toyota dealers who sounded quite terrible and then I called  Ion Cars. Salem, the wonderful owner helped me through the whole process showing me what he had, being honest, courteous, not pushy, giving me time to think about it and recommendations. I had a great feeling about buying my car there and I have been very happy with it. He took care of all the paperwork and within an hour I could leave the shop in my adorable Yaris! This dealer is absolutely amazing and reliable... last night someone broke in my car leaving the front left window in pieces. I decided to call Ions Car dealer just to see if he had any suggestions regarding a place to have the window repaired which he did. He immediately made a couple of phone calls and had someone to do the job within an hour! This is how awesome, committed and loyal Salem is! I am very impressed with such professionalism and service. Thanks again!

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