Yelp Review 24

Photo of Tia C.

San Francisco, CA

yelp review 24 - great buy great value  2/27/2011

My Daughter was in need of a vehicle and I wanted to find her a car that was one reasonable and a great buy.  I was driving on Market and saw the sign advertising used cars and decided to stop in and take a look.  This was the best decision I ever made.  The Infinity G20 that I saw was spotless and perfect for my daughter.  Salem was extremely respectful and all knowing, answered all my questions and even suggested I take it to my own mechanic to have them inspect the vehicle.  I was concerned about buying her a vehicle from a salesperson, but not Salem.  He was patient and never rushed me or my daughter with the eventual purchase of her Infinity G20.  She adores her car and I am grateful that Salem made the experience easy, convenient and very fair.   I would definitely recommend Salem and ION Cars  to anyone looking to purchase a used vehicle.

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