Yelp Review 28

Mountain View, CA 

Bay Area MINI Dealer   4/9/2011

Was in the market to buy a Audi and searched and searched and searched and got no where. Finally I saw an ad for a 2008 Audi from ions cars and the car looked too good to be true at the price it was advertised for.  Newaz not expecting much I called the no and fixed a appointment to go look at car and take a rest ride. Reached ions cars showroom @Market street and met with the owner Salem.

Within minutes of seeing the car I realized it was a really good deal and as Salem walked me through the details of the car and the car fax. I couldn't find anything wrong with the car. I had researched about used cars and what to check when buying one and this car looked in a real good condition.

Now was the time for a test drive. I was a bit scared to drive on SF road living in bay area and have never driven on the hilly road in SF Salem helped me and took me through streets where it was easier to ride so I could drive the car in peace. The car drove like a dream and Salem never put any pressure for buying or over sold the car. The price for the car was really good and the car was in a really good condition. Plus it had very low mileage and was still under manufacturer warranty.

Salem told me he keeps the prices low for the car and he hand picks the car and even walked me through the process how he actually buys a used car and what all he checks before picking up the car. His passions for cars clearly shows the way he talks about car and know each and every details of the cars in his showroom on the top on his head.

Within two days I was a proud owner of a Audi there was a small problem with the battery, and after I told Salem about it he asked me to just drive by the showroom and  within an hour he replaced the car with a new battery. Its amazing I could have not asked for a better service. Salem even  drove me to my office in SF while they were replacing my car battery and offered to pick me up. Seriously I was not expecting this from a dealer. I don't know what to be more happy about getting a good deal on the car or having a good customer experience.  

Salem you have a good thing going here and I am sure to recommend you to all my friends who are in the market to buy a car. Keep up the good work. I really wish if you could also open up a show room somewhere in the bay are also.

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