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San Francisco, CA

Unbelievably Low Prices - ion cars  4/18/2011

I recently bought a 2008 MINI Cooper from Ion Cars after a few months of researching used MINI models and prices.

I found Ion's listing on Craig's List and decided to look at it at the show room.  I found a few MINIs that were in immaculate condition and all the sticker prices were ubelievably reasonable.

I asked Salem, Ion Car's GM and owner, to be honest with me regarding how low he was willing to go on price on one of the cars.  He did not hesitate to give me a very fair price and just encouraged me to test drive the car and decide for myself if the car is the right choice.

I decided to bite the bullet and buy the car because I knew the price was a really great deal for such a clean car with very low miles. I knew it would be stupid to pass it up because I could easily  turn around and sell the car for a few thousand more if I wanted to.  The deal was that good!

Go check out Salem's show room!  You won't be disappointed by the cars and also by Salem's no-pressure style of dealing with customers.

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