Yelp Review 30

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San Francisco, CA


Salem is THE best. No joke. I went in to his showroom solo one Friday morning to check his inventory...I had a good feeling because I knew I had done my research (which included reading the reviews posted here on Yelp!) and I knew that I had nothing to fear... and I was right -- Salem is a no-nonsense kinda guy ... He was the only dealer I went to on the one day I was determined to find my new car --- Prior to finding ion cars, I had literally planned to scour the city of SF to find my perfect new wheels, the perfect dealer, etc...... The beauty is that I only had to make one stop - and it was because I chose ion cars as my first stop. Salem is honest, genuine and real. He is direct and I knew he'd help me drive away in the Mini I'd fallen in love with!! Sure enough, he did. He went above and beyond to help me and I'm pretty sure I've made a life long friend as well. He's the best. THANK YOU SALEM!!

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