Yelp Review 35

Photo of Melissa L. 

San Francisco, CA

best used cars in san francisco  7/16/2011

Was looking to sell my 2006 Mini Cooper and live the whole carless city life and not only did they trump all the other dealership offers but they made the entire process extremely easy. I also had my car out of state for three years and never contacted the CA DMV, and for that they discovered that I was sort of on CA DMV "wanted list". But they made all the daunting phone calls right there in front of me and took care of all the mailing in forms and standing in line at the DMV dirty work.

And unlike most dealerships, I got my check right there in the spot. You definitely can't beat the honesty, efficiency and east of Ion Cars.

When I do decide to have a car again in this city, the first place I'm going to in Ion Cars.

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