Yelp Review 36

San Francisco, CA

we buy cars - ioncars san francisco  7/31/2011

Trust a car salesperson? This always seemed like an oxymoron to me, until I got to know Salem at Ion. I had been a slave to Muni and surprisingly was able to get around the city to do my job in outside sales. But now needing to expand my territory, it became time to put my clipper card in the back of my wallet and add a new key to my keychain.

Outside of being a funny guy, Salem made the buying experience mellow and easy. He works with one credit union, so keep that in mind if you are self employed or may have shoddy credit. I'm self employed, so I had to go with another credit union he and my bank recommended.

I'm HUGE on customer service, so I was more than pleased at how quickly he responded to my emails with questions. Being in sales myself, I beat him up a bit about price, but in the long run, I got a great deal. My 2008 Mini is loaded with extra features that will make driving more pleasant and it's just so damn cute.

Now I just have to get used to driving in a city I never really drove in. The first day I almost got in two accidents (not my fault), realized I was going 10 mph over the speed limit, and almost ran over a pedestrian on Geary Blvd. WATCH OUT SAN FRANCISCO.

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