Yelp Review 47

Photo of Michael H. 

San Francisco, CA

electric/hybrid and cars over 30mpg - ion cars  3/9/2012

Salem is a good person.  Legitimately cares about his business, cares about his customers, and is great.  I moved to San Francisco from Canada on a 3 year work visa and wanted to sell my car because it just wasn't getting much use and cost a lot to park.  My car was a Canadian car, and I had no idea how to go about selling the thing.

Salem was very courteous and professional.  He helped me get smog checked for California (which was pretty cheap), and purchased my vehicle for a fair price.  He knew exactly what to do and how to ensure the deal was legitimate, I had to go talk to customs (at the airport) and get the car checked in to the US which was actually thankfully painless, and after that we were free and clear.  I'd have had no idea what to do if I tried selling to a private buyer, and I'm extremely glad for Salem's expertise.

At no point did I feel swindled or like I was being pressured.  Ion Cars is the best.  Salem wants to get into electric and green cars at some point in the future too.

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