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San Francisco, CA

buys all kinds of cars - ion cars SF 8/4/2012

Nobody ever can like a sales person, especially a car sales person.  I've been to dealerships and just saw how much they will drool upon the thought of making a commission from selling me a car I probably should not get.  Salem at Ion Cars defies the stereotype.  He works with my budget and needs to try and find the right car without ever pushing a car on me.  Salem is a genuine person that will work with you without having to feel like you are being set up to be financially raped like other car salesmen at most dealerships.  I thank him for his time and patience to work with me on finding the right ride.  You have no need for doubt if you do business with him, and I hope he'll be around when I purchase another car in the future.  Salem is just a really chill individual with no bullsh*t, which is extremely rare in the sales industry.  Can't thank him enough for his personal and professional qualities.



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