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San Francisco, CA

buys all kinds of cars - ion cars SF 10/23/2012

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the marketplace for a used red MINI convertible, and I talked to a few dealers in both the south bay and in sf. Out of all the dealers, Salem was the friendliest, most professional dealer, who gave us a very reasonable price for a used MINI car. This varied with the attitude from the other MINI dealers, one of whom tried to browbeat us into buying after the test drive. With Salem, we saw the car on Saturday, liked what we saw, and then bought it Sunday after a test drive. Unfortunately, shortly after the purchase of the car, one the doors was accidentally scratched. Salem was kind enough to try his best to eliminate some of the scratches for free. To this date, Salem has also been responsive to my emails about the car - since I am still learning how to take care of it. I really appreciate having a trusted advisor for this car, and am very happy that I bought from ion cars.

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