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San Francisco, CA

buys all kinds of cars - ion cars SF 10/28/2012

Thank you for Yelp!  If I hadn't read Yelper's feedback, I wouldn't have done business with Salem.  I bought a brand new Yaris  sedan a couple of years ago.  Basically, I used it to go to Lake Tahoe and ran errands around town.  In the past few months, I hadn't used it more than 10 days a month and I live in downtown.  I came to the point that I would be better off if I joined a car sharing membership.  The day I wanted to sell my car I called Ion Cars.  I made an appointment with Salem right after lunch.  He came to the parking garage where my car was.  We agreed a price within half hour.  Around 4:00PM, he brought in a check, a contract, and the completion of the Release of Liability.  I gave him the keys, the signed title and he gave me a check.  I deposited the check before the bank was closed.  The car was still under manufacturer's warranty.   I might have gotten more for the price by selling it myself but I really had a great experience in doing business with him.  I'll recommend Ion Cars to everyone who wants to sell their cars.

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