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Elie H.

Daly City, CA

When my neighbor told me about his painful experience trying to sell his car and how the dealer tried coercing him into taking less money for his barely used 2011 Lexus ES350, I felt uncomfortable. The negative drama and bs was overwhelming. Do car dealers have a playbook they follow to belittle and demean you? Wear you out until you give in?

So, after my neighbor told me about the deductions for minor scratches, dings, curb rash, bumper dimples, etc., I suggested we call ION CARS. I purchased two vehicles from ION CARS and was thoroughly satisfied. The cars are working great and I remember they buy cars from private party. We went online to get their number and according to Yelp they moved. After a bit more searching, we found them in Jack London Square in Oakland and a new office in SF (thank god)! And get this, the SF office buys cars!I called ION CARS in SF and Salem answered (again, thank god). He remembered me, which was a warm welcome. I told him the issues my neighbor was encountering with selling his Lexus and Salem wanted to help. My neighbor wanted to early terminate his lease on the Lexus and lease a new BMW X5 for business reasons. The payoff for the lease was near blue book value and all he wanted was just to have someone pay it off. Didn't want any money in return, but also didn't want to pay from his pocket as the dealer diligently tried to get him to do.

Salem drove to our houses. We live in Daly City. That's dedication.Salem looked over the vehicle in about 10 minutes, asked a few questions and struck a deal with my neighbor. He took the Lexus off my neighbor's hands by paying off the loan (no money out-of-pocket) and doing all the DMV paperwork. It was incredible. What car dealer pays house visits? He then arranged for the car to be picked up a few hours later after he released liability from my neighbor's name online and printed a copy. Amazing. What can I say? He made me look like a rock star. I am writing this because of the experience I had with ION CARS, again. The best! My neighbor doesn't own a computer and English is his second language, so I wanted to help out by telling others that if you have a car you'd like to sell or buy, contact ION CARS.

ION CARS will change your life!

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