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Charlene H.

San Francisco, CA

We buy cars in San Francisco6/27/2013
It's all about Salem! I live in San Francisco and 2 years ago I saw my dream car (a beautiful turquoise Mini) in the window at ION cars. Needless to say I had to have it--I met Salem and I had the most wonderful experience one could possibly have while buying a car. It was so fantastic, in fact, that now that I have a baby and needed a larger car, I called up Salem again. Crossed the Bay Bridge, visited Salem at his new location in Oakland (very easy to find, very quick from the city), and picked up a Prius. Fantastic price. Fantastic experience. You just know that you are getting honest information--no wheeling and dealing. Salem really went above and beyond with the Mini and he has done so again with the Prius. He was patient and available to answer all of my questions...this went on for a week before I even bought the car! No joke, he even called a restaurant and made us reservations in the area while we were signing paperwork. If you need a car and want a great price and don't want to deal with the rigmarole of Craigslist: GO TO ION!

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