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Photo of Dikla D.

Dikla D.

Oakland, CA

2010 Toyota Prius lowest price8/24/2013
I had a 2002 Rav4 with 154,000 miles to sell, and before trying to go through the process of doing it myself, I found Ion in Oakland, which was local, and bought used cars! I called at 10 am and they were able to schedule me for 1 pm. They took a look at my car, and offered me a fair price for it.I thought I would have to come back later with a second car to get home, but instead, they cut me a check, did all the DMV paperwork and gave me a ride home! It was all done in less than 30 minutes and at the end, I had a printout from the DMV showing the title had transferred over and a check made out to me!I can't believe how easy it was considering when you sell privately, you have to go out and get smog certification, mechanic's to certify the condition of your car, meet with strangers, send paperwork in to the DMV, etc... Would HIGHLY recommend if you are looking to sell your car! Still can't believe how quick and easy it was!!

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