Yelp Review 68

Laura H.

Laura H.

Oakland, CA

buy cars and trucks9/9/2013

I cannot believe it has taken me almost two months to write this review--it is not for lack of being obsessed with Salem! I have never written a yelp review, but the greatness of Ion Cars MUST be known.
My experience at Ion Cars was seamless, informative, and so enjoyable! My car was stolen in May, and I survived while traveling during the summer without a vehicle. However, by the end of July I was back in Oakland and needed to buy a car in a tight timeframe. With my parents across the country and my boyfriend out of town, I needed to make my first big purchase on my own!

I shopped around and when I finally arrived at Ion Cars, I knew it was the place to be. Salem made the experience stress-free and really encouraged me to shop around and figure out what I needed and wanted. Aside from a great deal on a car that I love, he also helped me shop around for car insurance (we literally called multiple agencies together and he wouldn't let me accept a deal until we believed it was my best option), answered all of my questions (no matter how dumb--and trust me, they were), and even spent an hour listening to my friend give her start-up pitch to him!

I know you aren't supposed to trust a car salesman, but then Salem is not your typical car salesman.

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