Yelp Review 69

Andy S.

Andy S.

Emeryville, CA

how to sell my car9/18/2013

This my fiance and my first experience buying a car and it was actually a lot of fun!I had been prepped by numerous family members about the woes of dealing with car dealerships and all the games you have the play to deflate the price to a manageable rate. Not the case with Salem and Ion Cars. From the very get go he was honest with us! There was no hassle and he never once pushed a car on us that we didn't want.We knew what we wanted before we walked in the door and he never tried to push anything else on us. He wanted to know our needs and desires. And somehow he exceeded them!He even offered track a car for us he were looking for something else!

He was completely genuine in his approach. He never gave us false information about his cars.He sells them at the lowest prices you will find and he told us that the first time we met him. I am typically suspicious of anything or anybody and left thinking I was going to find holes in what he said. Let me tell you it didn't happen. We have loved the car we bought and I would recommend to anyone to at least talk to him when you begin your car buying experience. He knows his stuff and his cars will treat you well!My plan is to go back to Ion for my next car purchase. No doubt about it!

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