Yelp Review 72

Ellamommy N.

Ellamommy N.

Oakland, CA

Mazda3 hatchback10/27/2013

Salem was very helpful and honest through out the entire car buying process. I was shopping for a used Prius and he had 3 in stock.

Initially I was a little skeptical because I had found his shop thru an ad on craigslist.The price listed seemed too good to be true, but I stopped by to check it out anyways. I was blown away by the condition of the car, it was a 2010 model but it looked brand new.

Then he told me he had a 2011 model as well with less miles, and it only cost a little bit more. I liked that one even more because it was the color I wanted.He had just got it in recently so he didn't even get a chance to list it on his website or craigslist yet.

I was a little concerned because it looked like the rear bumper had been repainted, but the carfax shows no accident in the history.It was actually Salem who pointed out a slight chip in the paint on the bumper, he also explained the bumper might have been repainted but it is not too uncommon to repaint bumpers due to minor parking accidents, etc...

When we went in his office to talk money, there was not a lot of negotiating.I think he prices his cars low enough where the customer would have little concern with paying the sticker price.I tried anyway, but he did not budge.However, he said he noticed he priced the car lower than he should have by accident, but he would honor the price since I was already there.

In the end, I walked out of there with a 2011 Prius with 18k miles and paid below blue book. Only thing I would complain about is that Salem only got had one key so I have to buy a second set elsewhere.

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